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  1. Despite frequently providing non-military services in times of crisis, little systematic research has examined the perspectives of crisis-affected community members on the role of armed actors responding to hu...

    Authors: Samuel T. Boland, Alexandria Nylen, Madison Bates, Maria Carinnes Alejandria, Rob Grace, Zein Tayyeb and Adam C. Levine
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:33
  2. The number of refugees worldwide is at an all-time high with many being exposed to potentially traumatic events and the loss of loved ones. The 11th revision of the International Statistical Classification of Dis...

    Authors: Franziska Lechner-Meichsner, Hannah Comtesse and Marie Olk
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:32
  3. Despite a long history of political discourse around refugee integration, it wasn’t until 2016 that this issue emerged as a global political priority. Limited research has examined the evolution of policies of...

    Authors: Shatha Elnakib, Caitlin Jackson, Ummekulsoom Lalani, Yusra Ribhi Shawar and Sara Bennett
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18(Suppl 1):31

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 18 Supplement 1

  4. The prolonged presence of Syrian refugees in Jordan has highlighted the need for sustainable health service delivery models for refugees. In 2012, the Jordanian government adopted a policy that granted Syrian ...

    Authors: Shatha Elnakib, Laila Akhu-Zaheya, Wejdan Khater, Lama Bou-Karroum, Gladys Honein-AbouHaidar, Sabine Salameh, Yusra Ribhi Shawar and Paul Spiegel
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18(Suppl 1):30

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 18 Supplement 1

  5. More than 70% of the health facilities in Tigray, northern Ethiopia, have been totally or partially destroyed by the recent war in the region. Diagnosis and management of tuberculosis were among many health se...

    Authors: Kibrom Gebreselasie Gebrehiwot, Gebremedhin Berhe Gebregergis, Measho Gebreslasie Gebregziabher, Teklay Gebrecherkos, Wegen Beyene Tesfamariam, Hailay Gebretnsae, Gebregziabher Berihu, Letebrhan Weldemhret, Goyitom Gebremedhn, Tsegay Wellay, Hadish Bekuretsion, Aregay Gebremedhin, Tesfay Gebregzabher Gebrehiwet and Gebretsadik Berhe
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:29
  6. The Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement (RCRC) utilizes specialized Emergency Response Units (ERUs) for international disaster response. However, data collection and reporting within ERUs have been time-consum...

    Authors: Felix Holl, Lauren Clarke, Thomas Raffort, Elvire Serres, Laura Archer and Panu Saaristo
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:28
  7. Conflict situations, armed or not, have been associated with emergence and transmission of infectious diseases. This review aims to identify the pathways through which infectious diseases emerge within conflic...

    Authors: Valia Marou, Constantine I. Vardavas, Katerina Aslanoglou, Katerina Nikitara, Zinovia Plyta, Jo Leonardi-Bee, Kirsty Atkins, Orla Condell, Favelle Lamb and Jonathan E. Suk
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:27
  8. Despite the increased recommendations for influenza vaccination, particularly among high-risk groups such as young children, Yemen lacks an influenza vaccination program, and the influenza vaccine is not inclu...

    Authors: Wesam S. Ahmed, Abdulsalam M. Halboup, Arwa Alshargabi, Ahmed Al-mohamadi, Yousf K. Al-Ashbat and Sayida Al-Jamei
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:26
  9. This study explores the impacts of attacks perpetrated in the context of armed conflict, to female health workers in three Colombian territories.

    Authors: María Esperanza Echeverry-López, Alejandra Marín-Uribe, Isabel C. Garcés-Palacio, Yadira Borrero-Ramírez, Dora María Hernández-Holguin, Carlos Iván Pacheco-Sánchez and Rohini J. Haar
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:25
  10. Since the Hamas attacks in Israel on 7 October 2023, the Israeli military has launched an assault in the Gaza Strip, which included over 12,000 targets struck and over 25,000 tons of incendiary munitions used ...

    Authors: Yara Asi, David Mills, P. Gregg Greenough, Dennis Kunichoff, Saira Khan, Jamon Van Den Hoek, Corey Scher, Saleem Halabi, Sawsan Abdulrahim, Nadine Bahour, A. Kayum Ahmed, Bram Wispelwey and Weeam Hammoudeh
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:24
  11. War results in widespread destruction of a country’s infrastructure, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions. This study aims to assess the attacks on medical schools amidst the ongoing conflict in...

    Authors: Esra Abdallah Abdalwahed Mahgoub, Amna Khairy, Samar Osman, Musab Babiker Haga, Sarah Hashim Mohammed Osman, Abubker Mohammed Abbu Hassan, Hala Kamal and Ayia Babiker
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:23
  12. Somali Red Crescent Society (SRCS), supported by Norwegian Red Cross, has implemented community-based surveillance (CBS) in Somaliland. This methodology aims to reduce the high risk of epidemics by strengtheni...

    Authors: Julia Jung, Tine Mejdell Larsen, Abdifatah Hussein Beledi, Emi Takahashi, Abdirahman Omer Ahmed, Jenny Reid and Ida Anine Kongelf
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:20
  13. Rohingya women suffer from inaccessibility to sexual and reproductive health services in Myanmar. After the forcible displacement of the Rohingya from Myanmar to Bangladesh in 2017, pregnancy termination servi...

    Authors: Atiya Rahman, Joe Strong, Pragna Paramita Mondal, Audrey Maynard, Tasnima Haque, Ann M. Moore and Kaosar Afsana
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:19
  14. Authors: Yasir Shafiq, Elena Rubini, Zoha Zahid Fazal, Muhammad Murtaza Bukhari, Maheen Zakaria, Noor ul Huda Zeeshan, Ameer Muhammad, Luca Ragazzoni, Francesco Barone‑Adesi and Martina Valente
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:18

    The original article was published in Conflict and Health 2024 18:12

  15. The triple political, security, and health crisis in Burkina Faso has impacted the lives of Burkinabè people, resulting in massive internal displacement. These internally displaced persons (IDPs) are very vuln...

    Authors: Kadidiatou Kadio, Antarou Ly, Adidjata Ouédraogo, Mohamed Ali Ag Ahmed, Sanni Yaya and Marie-Pierre Gagnon
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:17
  16. Malnutrition, specifically undernutrition, is a significant global challenge that contributes to nearly half of deaths in children under the age of five. The burden of undernutrition is disproportionately born...

    Authors: Rachel Bridge and Tracy Kuo Lin
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:16
  17. The COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine hesitancy are not the only causes of the increase in measles cases in low- and middle-income countries. Measles epidemics, like the recent one in eastern DRC, are often quickl...

    Authors: Daan Van Brusselen, Ali Heshima Dubois, Lucien Kandundao Bindu, Zakari Moluh, Yvonne Nzomukunda and Laurens Liesenborghs
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:14
  18. This study evaluated an early warning, alert and response system for a crisis-affected population in Doolo zone, Somali Region, Ethiopia, in 2019–2021, with a history of epidemics of outbreak-prone diseases. T...

    Authors: Luke Baertlein, Bashir Ali Dubad, Birhanu Sahelie, Istifanus Chindong Damulak, Mohammed Osman, Beverley Stringer, Agatha Bestman, Anna Kuehne, Elburg van Boetzelaer and Patrick Keating
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:13
  19. Armed conflicts have a severe impact on the health of women and children. Global health emergencies such as pandemics and disease outbreaks further exacerbate the challenges faced by vulnerable populations in ...

    Authors: Yasir Shafiq, Elena Rubini, Zoha Zahid Fazal, Muhammad Murtaza Bukhari, Maheen Zakaria, Noor ul Huda Zeeshan, Ameer Muhammad, Luca Ragazzoni, Francesco Barone-Adesi and Martina Valente
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:12

    The Correction to this article has been published in Conflict and Health 2024 18:18

  20. The Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine is characterized by indiscriminate attacks on civilian infrastructure, including hospitals and clinics that have devastated the Ukrainian health system putting trau...

    Authors: Lynn Lieberman Lawry, Jessica Korona-Bailey, Luke Juman, Miranda Janvrin, Valentina Donici, Iurii Kychyn, John Maddox and Tracey Perez Koehlmoos
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:10
  21. Intimate partner violence against women (IPVAW) is prevalent in conflict-affected settings. Yet, there is limited knowledge about the risk factors that influence men’s use of IPVAW in conflict-affected setting...

    Authors: Christine Bourey, Rashelle J. Musci, Judith K. Bass, Nancy Glass, Amani Matabaro and Jocelyn T. D. Kelly
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:9
  22. The United Nations estimate a quarter of the global population currently lives in violent conflict zones. Radiology is an integral part of any healthcare system, providing vital information to aid diagnosis an...

    Authors: Trisha Suji, Richard Sullivan and Gemma Bowsher
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:8
  23. Refugee children are at high risk of mental health problems but face barriers to accessing mental health services, a problem exacerbated by a shortage of mental health professionals. Having trained lay counsel...

    Authors: Fiona S. McEwen, Hania El Khatib, Kristin Hadfield, Karen Pluess, Nicolas Chehade, Tania Bosqui, Stephanie Skavenski, Laura Murray, Roland Weierstall-Pust, Elie Karam and Michael Pluess
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:7
  24. The recent earthquake in Syria has caused widespread devastation, leading to extensive damage and loss of life. Considering the diverse range of disasters and conflicts that have affected Syrian society, healt...

    Authors: Hani Saeed, Sulaf Hamid, Imad Zoukar, Adel Khiami, Lama Al Hawat, Mohammed Khoja, Hossam Khawatmy, Hani Abdalnour and Mayssoon Dashash
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:5
  25. In Colombia, research on health and conflict has focused on mental health, psychosocial care, displacement, morbidity, and mortality. Few scientific studies have assessed health system functioning during armed...

    Authors: Oscar Bernal, Tatiana Garcia-Betancourt, Sebastián León-Giraldo, Lina Marcela Rodríguez and Catalina González-Uribe
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:4
  26. Health systems resilience (HSR) research is a rapidly expanding field, in which key concepts are discussed and theoretical frameworks are emerging with vibrant debate. Fragile and conflict-affected settings (F...

    Authors: Claudia Truppa, Sally Yaacoub, Martina Valente, Giulia Celentano, Luca Ragazzoni and Dell Saulnier
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:2
  27. Gender-based violence (GBV) particularly against women is unfortunately common during armed conflicts. No rigorous and comprehensive empirical work has documented the extent of GBV and its consequences that to...

    Authors: Desalew Salew Tewabe, Muluken Azage, Gizachew Yismaw Wubetu, Sisay Awoke Fenta, Mulugeta Dile Worke, Amanu Mekonen Asres, Wallelign Alemnew Getnet, Genet Gedamu Kassie, Yonatan Menber, Alemtsehay Mekonnen Munea, Taye Zeru, Selamawit Alemayehu Bekele, Sadiya Osman Abdulahi, Tigist Biru Adamne, Hiwot Debebe Belete, Belay Bezabih Beyene…
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2024 18:1
  28. The evidence is mixed as to whether individuals’ coping strategies may mitigate the adverse mental health effects of post-displacement stressors in refugee populations, with some indications that the buffering...

    Authors: Øivind Solberg, Alexander Nissen and Fredrik Saboonchi
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2023 17:60
  29. The Lebanese healthcare system faces multiple challenges including limited capacities, shortage of skilled professionals, and inadequate supplies, in addition to hosting a significant number of refugees. While...

    Authors: Hani Dimassi, Mohamad Alameddine, Nadine Sabra, Nour El Arnaout, Ranime Harb, Randa Hamadeh, Faysal El Kak, Abed Shanaa, Marta Orozco Mossi, Shadi Saleh and Natally AlArab
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2023 17:59
  30. Using participatory approaches or methods are often positioned as a strategy to tackle power hierarchies in research. Despite momentum on decolonising aid, humanitarian actors have struggled to describe what ‘...

    Authors: Michelle Lokot, Erin Hartman and Iram Hashmi
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2023 17:58

    The Correction to this article has been published in Conflict and Health 2024 18:3

  31. Although the Geneva Conventions and Rome Statute demand protections for healthcare facilities during war, breaches of these protections are frequently reported. The ongoing war in Ukraine is no exception, with se...

    Authors: Dennis G. Barten, Derrick Tin, Fredrik Granholm, Diana Rusnak, Frits van Osch and Gregory Ciottone
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2023 17:57
  32. The scale of attacks on healthcare has become more visible and its impact greater in recent armed conflicts in Ukraine, Sudan and Myanmar. In these conflicts, combatants systematically target health facilities...

    Authors: Karl Blanchet, Leonard Rubenstein, Bertrand Taithe and Larissa Fast
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2023 17:56

    The Correction to this article has been published in Conflict and Health 2024 18:11

  33. Currently, over two million persons are internally displaced because of the complex humanitarian emergency in Nigeria’s northeast region. Due to crowded and unsanitary living conditions, the risk of communicab...

    Authors: Saheed Gidado, Melton Musa, Ahmed Ibrahim Ba’aba, Lilian Akudo Okeke, Patrick M Nguku, Idris Suleman Hadejia, Isa Ali Hassan, Ibrahim Muhammad Bande, Martins Onuoha, Gideon Ugbenyo, Ntadom Godwin, Rabi Usman, Jibrin Idris Manu, Abede Momoh Mohammed, Muhammad Maijawa Abdullahi, Mohammed Isa Bammami…
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2023 17:54
  34. The 2013–2016 West Africa Ebola Epidemic is the largest outbreak of Ebola in history. By September, 2014 the outbreak was worsening significantly, and the international president of Médecins Sans Frontières ca...

    Authors: Samuel T. Boland, Dina Balabanova and Susannah Mayhew
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2023 17:53
  35. This study evaluated adolescents' mental health their knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about mental health conditions, and their access to critical mental health services in Lira District, northern Uganda. Th...

    Authors: Heather Wipfli, Kyra Guy, Abigail Kim, Peninah Tumuhimbise and Kenneth Odur
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2023 17:52
  36. Colombia has experienced decades of conflict between the government and non-state actors. Attacks on healthcare have been a grave but regular facet of that violence. In response, the Misión Médica (MM) program...

    Authors: Katerina Crawford☥, Tatiana Florez☥, Mario Rodriguez, Lendy Cirado, Róisín Read and Rohini Haar
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2023 17:51
  37. Since 2019 Lebanon has faced multiple compounded crises. Political and social instability, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Beirut Port explosion, alongside the influx of refugees related to the ongoing Syrian c...

    Authors: Philomena Raftery, Jinan Usta, Ligia Kiss, Jennifer Palmer and Mazeda Hossain
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2023 17:50
  38. Consideration for men as survivors of sexual violence in conflict and post-conflict settings has gained some prominence in the last decade. There remains a paucity of empirical data on forms of sexual violence...

    Authors: Tosin Olaluwoye, Elizabeth Hoban and Joanne Williams
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2023 17:49
  39. Attacks on healthcare in armed conflict have far-reaching impacts on the personal and professional lives of health workers, as well as the communities they serve. Despite this, even in protracted conflicts suc...

    Authors: Aula Abbara, Diana Rayes, Hannah Tappis, Mohamed Hamze, Reham Wais, Hesham Alahmad, Naser Almhawish, Leonard Rubenstein and Rohini Haar
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2023 17:48
  40. Access to basic health services, notably child health services, is severely hampered by the armed conflict in Tigray, North Ethiopia. Little is known regarding the impacts of the armed conflict during the war ...

    Authors: Mache Tsadik, Hailay Gebretnsae, Asefa Ayalew, Akeza Awealom Asgedom, Aregawi Gebreyesus, Tigist Hagos, Marta Abrha, Kiros Weldegerima, Birikti Abrha, Gelawdiwos Gebre, Mulubrhan Hagos, Rie Esayas, Mezgebe Gebregeorgis, Hailay Abrha Gesesew and Afework Mulugeta
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2023 17:47
  41. Northwest Syria (NWS) is a conflict area with challenging political, economic, demographic and social dynamics. The region has a high number of internally displaced persons with increasingly disrupted delivery...

    Authors: Ibrahim R. Bou-Orm, Marianne Moussallem, Joelle Karam, Manuel deLara, Vinod Varma, Karin Diaconu, Murat Can Birand Apaydin, Rafael Van den Bergh, Alastair Ager and Sophie Witter
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2023 17:46
  42. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to healthcare workers (HCWs) around the world. The healthcare system in Lebanon was already under pressure due to economic instability and political u...

    Authors: Linda Abou-Abbas, Rana Nasrallah, Sally Yaacoub, Jessica Yohana Ramirez Mendoza and Mahmoud Al Wais
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2023 17:45
  43. Health Care Workers (HCWs) in conflict zones face high levels of violence while also playing a crucial role in assisting the population in distress. For more than two decades, the eastern provinces of the Demo...

    Authors: Samuel Lwamushi Makali, Jean Corneille Lembebu, Raïssa Boroto, Christian Chiribagula Zalinga, Daniella Bugugu, Emmanuel Lurhangire, Bigirinama Rosine, Christine Chimanuka, Pacifique Mwene-Batu, Christian Molima, Jessica Ramirez Mendoza, Giovanfrancesco Ferrari, Sonja Merten and Ghislain Bisimwa
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2023 17:44

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