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  1. The 2006 United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities states that the achievement of equal rights, empowerment and social inclusion of people with disabilities requires comprehensive re...

    Authors: Jean-Francois Trani, Juanita Vasquez-Escallon and Parul Bakhshi
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:63
  2. The ongoing civil war in Yemen has severely restricted imports of food and fuel, disrupted livelihoods and displaced millions, worsening already high pre-war levels of food insecurity. Paired with frequent out...

    Authors: Rana A. Hussein, Mark P. Suprenant, Najwa Al-Dheeb, Saul Guerrero, Eleanor Rogers, Fouzia Shafique, Meredith Dyson and Muhammad H. Zaman
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:62
  3. Pregnancy-related mortality remains persistently higher in post-conflict areas. Part of the blame lies with continued disruption to vital care provision, especially emergency obstetric and newborn care (EmONC)...

    Authors: Serge-André Mizerero, Calistus Wilunda, Patou Masika Musumari, Masako Ono-Kihara, Gerrye Mubungu, Masahiro Kihara and Takeo Nakayama
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:61
  4. Myanmar has had a long history of civil wars with its minority ethnic groups and is yet to see a sustainable peace accord. The conflicts have had a significant impact on health in Myanmar, with ethnic populati...

    Authors: Colette Pang Biesty, Aung Ja Brang and Barry Munslow
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:60
  5. Both conflict and non-conflict sexual violence have been well described in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). However, there is little empiric data comparing sexual violence patterns for males and females...

    Authors: Justin Paluku Lussy, Annie Dube, Jonathan Kasereka M. Lusi, Aurélien Mahamba Kikoli, Eugénie Kamabu Mukekulu and Susan A. Bartels
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:59
  6. Children with disabilities face unique challenges in humanitarian aid settings and education may provide protective measures against abuse and exploitation. There are growing calls for inclusive education of c...

    Authors: Kelsey Werner, Gregory St. Arnold and Thomas M. Crea
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:58
  7. The recent Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreaks in 2021 exemplify how sexual and reproductive health services are too often considered unessential during health emergencies. Bleeding for reasons other than EVD,...

    Authors: Nguyen Toan Tran, Désirée Lichtenstein, Benjamin Black, Alice Rosmini and Catrin Schulte-Hillen
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:57
  8. Humanitarian practitioners have recently expanded their focus from the provision of assistance only to working to ensure refugees and internally displaced peoples (IDPs) can develop sustained ‘self-reliance’. ...

    Authors: Ilana Seff, Kellie Leeson and Lindsay Stark
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:56
  9. Research has identified built environmental attributes associated with children’s physical activity (PA); however, less is known for environmental correlates of refugee children’s PA. This narrative review summar...

    Authors: Siqi Chen, Alison Carver, Takemi Sugiyama and Martin Knöll
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:55
  10. The need for early identification of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases in communities was high in Yemen during the first wave of the COVID-19 epidemic because most cases presenting to health facilities were...

    Authors: Manal Salem Omar Baaees, Jeremias D. Naiene, Ali Ahmed Al-Waleedi, Nasreen Salem Bin-Azoon, Muhammad Fawad Khan, Nuha Mahmoud and Altaf Musani
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:54
  11. Diabetes and hypertension are increasingly prevalent in low and middle income countries, but they are not well documented in refugee settlements in these settings. We sought to estimate the prevalence and asso...

    Authors: Rachel W. Kubiak, Elinor M. Sveum, Zikama Faustin, Timothy Muwonge, Hussain Abbas Zaidi, Andrew Kambugu, Simon Masereka, Julius Kasozi, Ingrid V. Bassett and Kelli N. O’Laughlin
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:53
  12. The eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has experienced decades-long armed conflicts which have had a negative impact on population’s health. Most research in public health explores measures that focus ...

    Authors: Samuel Lwamushi Makali, Espoir Bwenge Malembaka, Anne-Sophie Lambert, Hermès Bimana Karemere, Christian Molima Eboma, Albert Tambwe Mwembo, Steven Barnes Ssali, Ghislain Bisimwa Balaluka, Phillippe Donnen and Jean Macq
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:52
  13. During conflict, children and adolescents are at increased risk of mental health problems and in particular, anxiety and depression. However, mental health screening in conflict settings is problematic and car...

    Authors: Jon D. Perkins and Julieta Alós
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:51
  14. The Central African Republic (CAR) suffers a protracted conflict and has the second lowest human development index in the world. Available mortality estimates vary and differ in methodology. We undertook a ret...

    Authors: Eve Robinson, Lawrence Lee, Leslie F. Roberts, Aurelie Poelhekke, Xavier Charles, Adelaide Ouabo, Jorieke Vyncke, Cono Ariti, Mariette Claudia Adame Gbanzi, Martial Tanguy Ouakouma, Nell Gray, Maura Daly, Kate White, Sam Templeman, Mia Hejdenberg, Maaike Hersevoort…
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:50
  15. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and donors often promote certain practices to a community, such as in-facility births and then evaluate the efficacy of those interventions, in part, by surveying those po...

    Authors: Philippe Wol, Christina Kay and Leslie Roberts
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:48
  16. Authorities in Somalia responded with drastic measures after the first confirmed COVID-19 case in mid-March 2020, closing borders, schools, limiting travel and prohibiting most group functions. However, the im...

    Authors: Dorien H. Braam, Sharath Srinivasan, Luke Church, Zakaria Sheikh, Freya L. Jephcott and Salome Bukachi
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:47
  17. Authors: Dorothy Boggs, Oluwarantimi Atijosan-Ayodele, Hisem Yonso, Nathaniel Scherer, Timothy O’Fallon, Gülten Deniz, Selin Volkan, Ahmed Örücü, Isotta Pivato, Ammar Hasan Beck, İbrahim Akıncı, Hannah Kuper, Allen Foster, Andrea Patterson and Sarah Polack
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:46

    The original article was published in Conflict and Health 2021 15:29

  18. Navigating health systems in host countries can be a challenge for refugees, particularly in a multi-provider system such as Lebanon. Syrian refugees in Lebanon face a high burden of Non-Communicable Diseases ...

    Authors: Flora Haderer, Emilie Venables, Josefien van Olmen, Miriam Orcutt, Michella Ghassibe-Sabbagh and Wilma van den Boogaard
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:45
  19. To systematically review studies on HRQOL, measured by the WHOQOL-Bref instrument, of refugees in general and clinical populations who are settled in the community of the hosting country, and outline the diffe...

    Authors: Juliette Gagliardi, Christian Brettschneider and Hans-Helmut König
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:44
  20. Much has been written about the short-term challenges facing children returning ‘home’ from rebel fighting groups, but little is known about the longer term day to day realities of return. This article present...

    Authors: Melissa Parker, Cristin A. Fergus, Charlotte Brown, Dorothy Atim, James Ocitti, Jackline Atingo and Tim Allen
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:43
  21. Violence and traumatic events are highly prevalent among refugees, but less is known about the impact of these experiences among self-settled refugees in the country of asylum. We evaluated the association bet...

    Authors: Itziar Familiar, Pamela Nasirumbi Muniina, Chris Dolan, Moses Ogwal, David Serwadda, Herbert Kiyingi, Chantal Siya Bahinduka, Enos Sande and Wolfgang Hladik
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:42
  22. Cash transfers are an increasingly common intervention in the Syrian refugee response to meet basic needs, though there is little known of their potential secondary impact on health outcomes in humanitarian se...

    Authors: By Emily Lyles, Stephen Chua, Yasmeen Barham, Kayla Pfieffer-Mundt, Paul Spiegel, Ann Burton and Shannon Doocy
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:41
  23. Effective measurement of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (GEWE) is challenging in low and middle-income countries (LMICs), and even more so in humanitarian settings. Conflict, natural disasters, and ep...

    Authors: Céline M. Goulart, Amber Purewal, Humaira Nakhuda, Anita Ampadu, Amanda Giancola, Jean-Luc Kortenaar and Diego G. Bassani
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:39
  24. Humanitarian crises, such as armed conflict, forced displacement, natural disasters, and major disease outbreaks, take a staggering toll on human health, especially in low-resource settings. Yet there is a dea...

    Authors: Amit S. Mistry, Brandon A. Kohrt, Blythe Beecroft, Nalini Anand and Iman Nuwayhid
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:38

    The Correction to this article has been published in Conflict and Health 2021 15:49

  25. Attacks on health care in armed conflict, including those on health workers, facilities, patients and transports, represent serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law. Information ab...

    Authors: Rohini J. Haar, Róisín Read, Larissa Fast, Karl Blanchet, Stephanie Rinaldi, Bertrand Taithe, Christina Wille and Leonard S. Rubenstein
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:37
  26. War and armed conflicts severely disrupt all health system components, including the healthcare workforce. Although data is limited on the scale of health care worker (HCW) displacement in conflict zones, it i...

    Authors: Diana Rayes, Lana Meiqari, Rouham Yamout, Aula Abbara, Iman Nuwayhid, Samer Jabbour and Marian Abouzeid
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:36
  27. Internally displaced persons fleeing their homes due to conflict and drought are particularly at risk of morbidity and mortality from diarrhoeal diseases. Regular handwashing with soap (HWWS) could substantial...

    Authors: Astrid Hasund Thorseth, Thomas Heath, Andualem Sisay, Mare Hamo and Sian White
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:35
  28. The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) was first reported in Sudan on 13 March 2020. Since then, Sudan has experienced one of the highest rates of COVID-19 spread and fatalities in Africa. One year later, as...

    Authors: Quraish Sserwanja, Mohammed Bashir Adam, Joseph Kawuki and Emmanuel Olal
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:34
  29. Under-five death rate is one of the major indicators used in assessing the level of needs and severity of humanitarian crisis. Over the years, a number of small-scale surveys based on Standardized Monitoring a...

    Authors: Thomas Jideofor Ogbu and Debarati Guha-Sapir
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:33
  30. Thousands of children migrate to Europe each year in search of safety and the promise of a better life. Many of them transited through Serbia in 2018. Children journey alone or along with their family members ...

    Authors: Tijana Topalovic, Maria Episkopou, Erin Schillberg, Jelena Brcanski and Milica Jocic
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:32
  31. This case study describes research, which is located in Turkey, where more than 750,000 Syrian refugees reside autonomously in Istanbul. The research developed and pilot tested a novel model for helping urban ...

    Authors: Stevan Merill Weine, Aliriza Arënliu, Vahdet Görmez, Scott Lagenecker and Hakan Demirtas
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:31
  32. Published by the World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in 2015, the mental health Gap Action Programme Humanitarian Intervention Guide (mhGAP-HIG) recommends...

    Authors: Grace K. Ryan, Andreas Bauer, Tarik Endale, Onaiza Qureshi, Asmae Doukani, Arlinda Cerga-Pashoja, Savvy K. Brar, Julian Eaton and Judith K. Bass
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:30
  33. Epidemiological data on musculoskeletal impairment (MSI) and related service and assistive product (AP) needs for displaced populations are lacking. This study aimed to estimate the prevalence, aetiology, and ...

    Authors: Dorothy Boggs, Oluwarantimi Atijosan-Ayodele, Hisem Yonso, Nathaniel Scherer, Timothy O’Fallon, Gülten Deniz, Selin Volkan, Ahmed Örücü, Isotta Pivato, Ammar Hasan Beck, İbrahim Akıncı, Hannah Kuper, Allen Foster, Andrea Patterson and Sarah Polack
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:29

    The Correction to this article has been published in Conflict and Health 2021 15:46

  34. The need to generate evidence in spaces considered insecure and inhabited by potentially extremely vulnerable individuals (e.g. conflict-affected people who may not have means to move) has led researchers to s...

    Authors: Yazan Douedari, Mervat Alhaffar, Diane Duclos, Mohamed Al-Twaish, Samer Jabbour and Natasha Howard
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:28
  35. The world’s second largest Ebola outbreak occurred in the Democratic Republic of Congo from 2018 to 2020. At the time, risk of cross-border spread into South Sudan was very high. Thus, the South Sudan Ministry...

    Authors: Velma K. Lopez, Sharmila Shetty, Angelo Thon Kouch, Matthew Tut Khol, Richard Lako, Alexandre Bili, Anyang David Ayuen, Agnes Jukudu, Ajak Ater Kug, Atem David Mayen, Emmanuel Nyawel, Kibebu Berta, Olushayo Olu, Kevin Clarke and Sudhir Bunga
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:27
  36. Syrians have been the largest group of refugees in Germany since 2014. Little is known about Syrian refugees` perspectives on substance use. The aim of this study is to investigate the perspective of male refu...

    Authors: Jutta Lindert, Ulrike Neuendorf, Marta Natan and Ingo Schäfer
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:26
  37. Large international humanitarian actors support and directly deliver health services for millions of people in crises annually, and wield considerable power to decide which health services to provide, how and ...

    Authors: Prudence Jarrett, Yasin Fozdar, Nada Abdelmagid and Francesco Checchi
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:25
  38. Intimate partner violence (IPV) has serious long-term health and psychological consequences and is highly prevalent in Latin America and among displaced populations. Liminality - the ambiguous in-between state...

    Authors: Colleen Keating, Sarah Treves-Kagan and Ana Maria Buller
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:24
  39. In this commentary we propose four questions to be addressed while building a meaningful public primary healthcare response in Lebanon today. These questions emerge from two imperatives: the necessity to consi...

    Authors: Randa Sami Hamadeh, Ola Kdouh, Rawan Hammoud, Enrica Leresche and Jennifer Leaning
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:23
  40. Recent crises have accelerated global interest in self-care interventions. This debate paper aims to raise the issue of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) self-care and invites members of the global communit...

    Authors: Nguyen Toan Tran, Hannah Tappis, Pierre Moon, Megan Christofield and Angela Dawson
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:22
  41. Antibiotic resistance (ABR) is a major global threat. Armed and protracted conflicts act as multipliers of infection and ABR, thus leading to increased healthcare and societal costs. We aimed to understand and...

    Authors: Elsa Kobeissi, Marilyne Menassa, Krystel Moussally, Ernestina Repetto, Ismail Soboh, Marwan Hajjar, Shadi Saleh and Ghassan Abu-Sittah
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:21
  42. Fragile and crisis-affected countries account for most maternal deaths worldwide, with unsafe abortion being one of its leading causes. This case study aims to describe the Clinical Outreach Refresher Training...

    Authors: Nguyen Toan Tran, Alison Greer, Talemoh Dah, Bibiche Malilo, Bergson Kakule, Thérèse Faila Morisho, Douglass Kambale Asifiwe, Happiness Musa, Japheth Simon, Janet Meyers, Elizabeth Noznesky, Sarah Neusy, Burim Vranovci and Bill Powell
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:20
  43. Child protection and mental health during conflict intersects with a variety of adverse conflict-related factors, and intervention outcomes in the field are often difficult to predict. Using the casefiles of 3...

    Authors: Nada Raslan, Arran Hamlet and Veena Kumari
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:19
  44. Complex emergencies resulting from conflict and political instability are a major challenge for national neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) control and elimination programmes, especially in sub-Saharan Africa....

    Authors: Louise A. Kelly-Hope, Angelia M. Sanders, Emma Harding-Esch, Johan Willems, Fatima Ahmed, Fiona Vincer and Rebecca Hill
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:18
  45. Community-based surveillance (CBS) has been used successfully in many situations to strengthen existing health systems as well as in humanitarian crises. The Anglophone crisis of Northwest Southwest Cameroon, ...

    Authors: Alain Metuge, Lundi-Anne Omam, Elizabeth Jarman and Esther Omam Njomo
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:17
  46. An estimated 70.8 million people are forcibly displaced worldwide, 75% of whom are women and children. Prioritizing a global research agenda to inform guidance, service delivery, access to and quality of servi...

    Authors: Loulou Kobeissi, Mahalakshmi Nair, Egmond Samir Evers, Mansuk Daniel Han, Samira Aboubaker, Lale Say, Nigel Rollins, Gary L. Darmstadt, Karl Blanchet, Daniel Martinez Garcia, Olivier Hagon and Per Ashorn
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:16
  47. Human rights violations (HRVs) are common in conflict and displacement contexts. Women are especially vulnerable to HRVs in these contexts, and perinatal health is acutely sensitive to related stressors and he...

    Authors: Stephanie M. Koning, Kaylee Scott, James H. Conway and Mari Palta
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2021 15:15

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