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Table 1 Eligibility criteria

From: Gender-based violence (GBV) coordination in humanitarian and public health emergencies: a scoping review

Category Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Context Humanitarian and public health emergency settings including relief, and recovery phases Other settings
Pre-emergency, non-emergency settings e.g. preparedness
Topic Studies explicitly mentioning GBV coordination and containing information pertaining to at least one of the key topics of GBV coordination identified as: Implementing a GBV sub-cluster; prioritisation, advocacy and access to resources; GBV risk mitigation and integration; localisation; data and information management; coordination for service delivery. Studies that did not explicitly mention GBV coordination
Reviews or evaluations of individual GBV response or prevention interventions or approaches
Other topics
Source type Research articles Conference abstracts covering material in a publication
Systematic/scoping reviews Training materials
Technical reports with a research component Individual/household case studies
Organisational reports Protocols, methods description only
Evaluations Social media/media, audio/video
Guidance and policy documents
Study design All study designs No research component/entirely theoretical
Participants/population Staff of UN, international and national organisations working on GBV in emergency settings, GBV service providers and affected populations in emergency and humanitarian settings Populations in non-emergency/non- humanitarian settings
Publication year 1990—January 2021 Pre-1990
Language English Other languages with no English abstract