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Table 2 Interviews conducted

From: Conducting public health surveillance in areas of armed conflict and restricted population access: a qualitative case study of polio surveillance in conflict-affected areas of Borno State, Nigeria

Number Level Organization Position type
1 State CDC contractor Surveillance
2 State CDC contractor Surveillance
3 State NSTOP Surveillance
4 State NSTOP Surveillance
5 State NSTOP Surveillance
6 State NSTOP Data analysis
7 State WHO Surveillance
8 State Ehealth Data analysis
9 State Solina Data analysis
10 State IOM Humanitarian Support
11 District NSTOP Surveillance
12 District NSTOP Surveillance
13 District NSTOP Surveillance
14 District NSTOP Surveillance
15 District MoH Surveillance
16 International CDC GIS Specialist
  1. CDC contractor, International contract with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; WHO, World Health Organization; NSTOP, National Stop Transmission of Polio program (a cohort of trained health professionals recruited within Nigeria, modeled after the CDC-supported international STOP program [31]; Ehealth, Nigeria-based public health non-governmental organization; Solina, Nigeria-based health consulting firm; MoH, Ministry of Health