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Table 3 Summary of identified plans and gender score

From: Assessing gender responsiveness of COVID-19 response plans for populations in conflict-affected humanitarian emergencies

Country Type of plan analyzed (National, UN/International) Type of setting (Conflict-affected and/or Refugee-hosting) Date published (MM/YYYY) Publishing organization or entity Number of pages Gender score
Afghanistan UN/International Conflict-affected 06/2020 OCHA 130 Gender-specific
Bangladesh UN/International Refugee-hosting NA/2020 Strategic Executive Group 56 Gender-specific
Cameroon UN/International Conflict-affected and Refugee-hosting 07/2020 OCHA 94 Gender-specific
Colombia National Conflict-affected and Refugee-hosting 05/2020 Humanitarian Country Team/UN Country Team Colombia 6 Gender-sensitive
Djibouti UN/International Refugee-hosting 05/2020 UN Country Team Djibouti 49 Gender-sensitive
DR Congo UN/International Conflict-affected 04/2020 World Bank 51 Gender-sensitive
Egypt UN/International Conflict-affected 07/2020 UN 53 Gender-specific
Ethiopia National Conflict-affected and Refugee-hosting 06/2020 Ministry of Health Ethiopia; Ethiopia Public Health Institute 155 Gender-sensitive
India National Conflict-affected 01/2020 National Health Mission 38 Gender-sensitive
Iran National Conflict-affected 04/2020 Islamic Republic of Iran, WHO, World Bank 5 Gender-blind
Occupied Palestinian Territories UN/International Conflict-affected 06/2020 World Bank 12 Gender-sensitive
Kenya National Conflict-affected and Refugee-hosting 02/2020 Ministry of Public Health, Republic of Kenya 34 Gender-blind
Lebanon UN/International Refugee-hosting 10/2020 UNHCR 12 Gender-blind
Libya UN/International Conflict-affected 04/2020 Health Sector Libya  22 Gender-sensitive
Mali UN/International Conflict-affected 10/2020 World Bank 11 Gender-sensitive
Myanmar National Conflict-affected 05/2020 Ministry of Education, Myanmar 74 Gender-sensitive
Niger UN/International Conflict-affected 03/2021 UNICEF, IOM and UNDP 6 Gender-sensitive
Nigeria National Conflict-affected N/A National Primary Health Care Development Agency, Nigeria 70 Gender-blind
Pakistan UN/International Conflict-affected and Refugee-hosting 04/2020 OCHA 48 Gender-specific
Pakistan National Conflict-affected and Refugee-hosting 04/2020 Government of Pakistan 58 Gender-sensitive
Philippines National Conflict-affected 03/2020 Department of Health, Philippines 279 Gender-specific
Saudi Arabia National Conflict-affected N/A Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia N/A Gender-blind
Somalia National Conflict-affected 03/2020 Ministry of Health & Human Services, Somalia 17 Gender-blind
South Sudan National Conflict-affected 06/2020 Ministry of Health, South Sudan 45 Gender-sensitive
Sudan UN/International Conflict-affected and Refugee-hosting 07/2020 Humanitarian Country Team/UN Country Team Sudan 12 Gender-sensitive
Syria UN/International Conflict-affected 12/2020 OCHA 114 Gender-sensitive
Uganda UN/International Refugee-hosting 08/2020 UNHCR 102 Gender-specific
Ukraine UN/International Conflict-affected 03/2020 OCHA 22 Gender-sensitive
Yemen National Conflict-affected 06/2020 Ministry of Education, Yemen 33 Gender-sensitive
Zimbabwe UN/International Conflict-affected 05/2020 Zimbabwe Education Cluster 36 Gender-sensitive