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Table 2 List of indicators used in the study

From: Assessing gender responsiveness of COVID-19 response plans for populations in conflict-affected humanitarian emergencies

# Indicator # Indicator (cont.)
1 Gender-based violence (GBV) 9 Gender-sensitive data collection (including disaggregation)
2 Gendered domestic labor 10 Gender equality indicators for monitoring and evaluation
3 Gendered and unpaid caregiving 11 Mental healtha
4 Gendered healthcare workforce 12 Gender representation in decision making, planning or implementation
5 Gendered impacts on income 13 LGBTQI + populations
6 Gendered impacts on education 14 Needs of persons living with disability(ies)a
7 Sexual/reproductive health servicesa 15 Gender in relation to Covid-19 vaccination
8 Engagement with women’s/girls networks or feminist groups 16 Gender digital divide
  1. aThese two indicators were counted as “yes” irrespective of whether gender was considered, and any specific mention of gender in relation to or intersecting with the indicator was separately noted