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Table 8 Correlation among stigma scales and other variables in the nomological networks in Kenya and Jordan

From: Measuring sexual violence stigma in humanitarian contexts: assessment of scale psychometric properties and validity with female sexual violence survivors from Somalia and Syria

  Kenya (n = 100) Jordan (n = 108)
Felt stigma Enacted stigma Core stigma All stigma Core stigma
Depression 0.54 0.21 0.51 0.72 0.68
Impairment from depressiona 0.48 0.32 0.40 0.39 0.40
Functional impairment 0.09 − 0.11 0.01 0.38 0.30
Disability 0.13 − 0.15 0.07 0.32 0.35
  1. aAssessed using the 10th item on the PHQ-9 which asks individuals to indicate how difficult it has been completing work, taking care of things at home or getting along with others due to the problems they endorsed on the PHQ-9: not difficult at all, somewhat, very, or extremely difficult