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Table 7 Summary of items to retain, consider, or exclude across contexts for measuring stigma

From: Measuring sexual violence stigma in humanitarian contexts: assessment of scale psychometric properties and validity with female sexual violence survivors from Somalia and Syria

Items to include Bank of items to be considered for including depending on relevance to context Items to exclude
Feeling rejected by everybodya
Wanting to avoid other people or hidea
Feeling like your family gazes at you like they are blaming youa
Feeling like community members gaze at you like they are blaming youa
Feeling badly treated by community members
Feelings of worthlessness, of having no value
Feeling shame
Feeling detached or withdrawn
Blaming yourself for past events
Feeling stigma
Feeling badly treated by family members
Been abandoned/thrown out of your home
Rejected by your family because of trauma you experienced
Rejected by your intimate partner because of trauma you experienced
Forced to live away from your husband because of the violence you experienced
Wanting to change the way you dress
  1. aIndicates a core item to use in comparisons across contexts