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Table 2 Examples of guidance-related terms identified in the published field experience summaries

From: Use of COVID-19 evidence in humanitarian settings: the need for dynamic guidance adapted to changing humanitarian crisis contexts

Search term(s) Number of exact matches Number with stemmed words Number of examples identified Selected example of how the search term was referred to in the published field experience summaries
Guidance 26 26 13 The global nutrition community was still developing and issuing guidance on anthropometric measurements
7 14 9 There is a gap of 52% or 2099 beds in total the number of available hospital beds compared to global standards
Protocol 20 40 8 The survey team adjusted their anthropometric- measurement protocol according to international recommendations that caution against height and weight measurements involving prolonged contact
Guideline 2 11 6 Each session follows guidelines from CDP’s pre-existing MHPSS services that have been adapted to COVID-19 and the online format in consultation with specialised psychologists
12 15 5 For example, staff and communities still tend to interact in breach of physical distancing rules
5 19 5 The COVID-19 standard operating procedure protocol circulated by the national government, which was adapted from the WHO, was used to develop this training curriculum
(Recommendation, Recommended)
4 12 5 International Medical Corps did not have a large stock of Mid-Upper Arm Circumference tapes prepositioned to meet the recommendation of using one tape per household
(Measure, Measurement)
98 119 4 All hospital staff underwent a one-week training on IPC measures in hospitals and communities
(Plans, Planned)
39 67 4 Shortly after, the UN Global Humanitarian Response Plan was enacted in CAR. The response plan included awareness-raising sessions, creation of isolation spaces, reinforcement of handwashing and strengthening of epidemiologic surveillance, although these were slow to be implemented
3 5 4 The “no touch” principle was encouraged, especially during small group meetings or home visits
(Requirements, Required)
1 52 4 Reusable PPE was chosen for three reasons: (1) for reasons of space as reusable PPE takes up less space than the required stock of disposable PPE
(Instructed, Instructions)
0 12 4 Acceptance of instructions to protect themselves appears to have increased, especially after the government began reporting increases in numbers of cases
(Guided, Guiding)
4 39 3 IRC Jordan developed a remote delivery plan guided by technical documents from IRC headquarters
31 42 2 At this time, our usual process for inspection of samples and quality checks using certifications, testing, and other processes has been modified to support a distributed workforce, and an evolving list of approved products by the Food and Drug Administration
Advice 10 10 2 Limited coordination between headquarter, regional and local offices at the beginning of the response, which led to inconsistency in the tools, advice and instructions shared
Evidence 8 8 2 This program features a community-based model and utilises evidence-based approaches to group interpersonal therapy for the refugee community
Information 93 133 1 At a time when emergency use authorisations are implemented and information about COVID-19 changes regularly, Americares has dedicated more manpower to keep pace with the changing standards
Form 16 23 1 For half a day, a team of two trained MSF staff, one IPC/logistician and one nurse, evaluate the health structure using a specific assessment form which focuses on IPC, the flow of patients and health workers
3 3 1 Beneficiary triage into risk groups is carried out in alignment with the guidelines and criteria that were approved by the SGBV working group in Lebanon
1 39 1 Following the MoH’s directive for contingency health promotion on COVID-19…
1 6 1 ACF adapted their activities to tackle constraints related to the COVID-19 situation, and to best support and protect staff and beneficiaries, following government and Inter Sector Coordination Group (ISCG) regulation
Total 384 695 85 21