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Table 2 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: The impact of interventions to reduce risk and incidence of intimate partner violence and sexual violence in conflict and post-conflict states and other humanitarian crises in low and middle income countries: a systematic review

  Included Excluded
1. Focus Intimate partner violence (IPV) and/or sexual violence (SV) against women/girls in the context of conflict or humanitarian emergency—including forced marriage/pregnancy, sexual slavery, enforced sterilization. IPV includes violence in the context of child marriage Studies not addressing SV/IPV. Studies addressing female genital mutilation, trafficking, or HIV prevention, except where interventions to address these issues are part of interventions aimed at SV/ IPV, SV within military organizations. Interventions for violence directed towards children apart from adolescents or violence in the context of child marriage
2. Studies/data Empirical studies describing the outcomes of interventions Studies describing nature/extent/ impacts of SV/IPV or barriers to implementation of, or interventions not specific to SV/IPV; papers lacking primary empirical data describing impacts of interventions
3. Participants Participants in interventions to address SV/ IPV including survivors, service providers, perpetrators, male/female community members, institution representatives, armed groups or humanitarian workers Commentators or actors not directly involved in implementation or experience of interventions
4. Interventions Interventions aimed at reducing the incidence of or risk of SV/ IPV and other forms of GBV where these are also targeted by the intervention, or interventions where reduced risk of SV/IPV was a measured outcome of the intervention Interventions that do not refer to reduction of SV/IPV as a specific aim or outcome e.g. peace-building /community development programs or interventions aimed at HIV prevention
5. Settings Contexts of conflict, post-conflict or other humanitarian, emergency, including epidemic outbreaks in low and middle-income countries as defined by the World Bank 2019 Context of the intervention not identified by the author(s) in title/abstract as conflict/post-conflict or humanitarian crisis. Interventions not conducted in the context of conflict/post-conflict or humanitarian crisis. Countries not listed as LMIC by the World Bank
Note: Interventions delivered in Greece to refugees/migrants from LMICS considered for inclusion
6. Publications Research papers or research reports Letters, editorials, comment, periodicals, editorials, art works, news updates, speeches
7. Language of publication English Titles and abstracts in a language other than English
8. Publication date September 2011–May 2020 Before September 2011 (end date of search in 2011 review)