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Table 2 Themes and Sub-themes of the Study

From: Conflict affected, parallel health systems: challenges to collaboration between ethnic and government health systems in Kayin State, Myanmar

Themes Sub-themes
1. Non ‘post-conflict’ context a. Unstable Ceasefire
b. No Political agreement reached
c. International Actors and their impact
2. Lack of trust a. Between ethnic communities and the Government
b. Between conservative district administrators and military brigades of the KNU and the Government
c. Between EHO/CBHO health workers and the MoHS
3. Centralised nature of the MoHS a. Challenges in human resource management
b. Challenges in centralised decision making
c. Need for a decentralised federal health system
4. Lack of EHO/CBHO health worker accreditation a. Challenges in referral
b. Challenges in immunisation
c. Lack of access to MoHS recognised training
5. NHP is not implemented in some ethnic areas a. Difficult to implement NHP in a conflict context
b. EHO/CBHOs strongly disagree with their ‘provider’ position