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Table 3 Distribution of the staff trained in CBS by district in Hadramout, Yemen, 2020

From: Community-based surveillance in internally displaced people’s camps and urban settings during a complex emergency in Yemen in 2020

Al-Mukalla city As Shikhr Ad Dis Ar Raydah Wa Qusayar Total
District surveillance officers trained in CBS 1 1 1 1 4
Health facility focal points trained 4 2 2 2 10
Community volunteers trained on CBSa 78 0 0 0 78
Number of zones selected for CBS 4 0 0 0 4
Hadramout governorate level surveillance officers trained in CBS NA NA NA NA 6b
Status of CBS Activated Not Activated Not Activated Not Activated  
  1. CBS community-based surveillance, NA not applicable
  2. a20 volunteers trained for each zone, except two zones were 19 volunteers were trained in each
  3. bOnly includes the surveillance officers trained at the governorate level, excluding the ones trained at the district level