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Table 2 Search strategy for the desk review

From: Cultural adaptation of a scalable psychological intervention for Burundian refugee adolescents in Tanzania: a qualitative study

(Mental health services OR Psycho* services OR Mental health treatment OR Psycho* treatment OR Mental health care OR Psycho* care OR Mental health intervention OR Psycho* intervention OR Mental health support OR Psycho* support OR Mental health program* OR Psycho* program*)
AND (Depression OR Anxiety OR Posttraumatic stress OR PTSD OR Common health disorders OR Common mental health difficulties OR Common mental health problems)
AND (Burundi OR East African OR Tanzania OR Mtendeli OR Nduta OR Nyarugusu OR Democratic Republic of Congo OR DRC OR Congo OR Kenya OR Uganda or Rwanda)
AND (Adolescents OR Children OR Young people)
AND (Refugee OR Asylum seeker)