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Table 1 Group Model Building Scripts

From: Using a community-based system dynamics approach for understanding inclusion and wellbeing: a case study of special needs education in an eastern African refugee camp

Script Name Description Output
Negotiating a reference mode Participants negotiated how to represent historical trends of inclusion and wellbeing of children with special needs Graphs depicting changes over time and hoped and feared trajectory for the future
Variable Elicitation Participants named factors or variables that impact or are impacted by the changes in inclusion and wellbeing over time depicted in the previous activity List of factors for the causal loop diagram from each stakeholder group
Initiating and Elaborating a Causal Loop Diagram Facilitators led participants through describing and drawing the causal connections and feedback mechanisms between variables listed in the previous activity 1 Causal loop diagram per stakeholder group
Model Review Facilitators presented the combined causal loop diagram capturing diverse stakeholder groups perspectives and added or refined model structure based on participant feedback 1 refined causal loop diagram per center
Action Ideas Participants generated ideas of places to intervene to enhance inclusion and facilitators captured the ideas in lists and by mapping the ideas on to the causal loop diagram based on where participants thought they impacted the system List of action ideas of places to intervene in the system from each center
Dot Vote Participants used dot stickers to vote for the ideas they felt were most important to prioritize Prioritized list of potential actions from each center