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Table 4 Summary of findings and recommendation for improvements

From: “Strengthening data quality and reporting from small-scale surveys in humanitarian settings: a case study from Yemen, 2011–2019”

Findings Recommandations
Use of modified expanded program on immunization (EPI) The SMART manual does not recommend the use of modified EPI, however, in humanitarian settings we recognize this method may be the most feasible, but should only be used when other options are not possible.
Insufficient reporting of parameters for estimating U5DR Includes information on all parameters (number of deaths under-five, number of births, number of out/in – migration of children under-five and recall periods) for the estimation of U5DR
Incomplete reporting of mortality sample size estimates Includes information on parameters used for sample size estimation in the survey; Clearly indicates and presents parameters used for nutrition and mortality sample size calculations separately. For surveys in different zones, sample size calculation should be clearly presented for each zone or indicated in the report that the same parameters were used for zones.
Use of CDR for the estimation of mortality sample size calculation SMART manual recommends separate calculation of sample size for U5DR. We suggested that should this not be the case, enumerator should be able to indicator the reason for not calculating separate U5DR sample size.