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Table 1 Criteria for the assessment of methodological quality

From: “Strengthening data quality and reporting from small-scale surveys in humanitarian settings: a case study from Yemen, 2011–2019”

Assessment Methodological Quality Criteria (MQC)
Sampling methodology i) For cluster surveys, the number of clusters chosen should be ≥30 [14, 18, 19]
ii) Clusters are selected using probability proportional-to-population-size sampling (PPS) [14, 20]
iii) In the second stage of sampling, households are selected using systematic or simple random sampling methods (not Expanded Program on Immunization methods (EPI)) [21]
iv) Mortality data are collected from all selected households, irrespective of presence/absence of children < 5 years old
Presentation of sample size calculation i) Separate sample calculations and mortality estimates [22]
ii) Parameters required for sample size calculation are transparent/reproducible
Statistical reporting of U5DR i) Information required for the estimation of U5DR are reported
ii) U5DR is expressed as number of deaths per 10,000/day [13]
iii) Confidence limits for U5DR are reported