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Table 1 Adaptation of the UNHCR 4Rs Framework [38] for externally-displaced HCW populations

From: Policies on return and reintegration of displaced healthcare workers towards rebuilding conflict-affected health systems: a review for The Lancet-AUB Commission on Syria

The 4Rs Framework and Definitions
 Repatriation Free, voluntary return of HCWs to their country of origin in safety and dignity.
 Reintegration Ability of returned HCWs to secure the necessary political, economic, legal and social conditions to maintain their lives, livelihoods and dignity.
 Rehabilitation Restoration of social and economic health infrastructure (e.g. clinics, hospitals, schools, colleges, and universities) destroyed during conflict to enable HCWs to pursue sustainable livelihoods upon return to their country of origin.
 Reconstruction Re-establishment of political order, institutions and productive capacity to create a base for sustainable development for returned HCWs.