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Table 4 Distribution of the Final Prioritized Research Questions for the Child and Adolescent Health domains following the Delphi process

From: Setting research priorities for sexual, reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health in humanitarian settings

Child health
 Does identification and management of nutritionally at-risk infants aged < 6 months reduce morbidity and improve infant growth/development in humanitarian settings? And HOW?
 Is community-based management an effective approach for reducing morbidity and mortality among under five-year-old children humanitarian settings?
 How do current nutrition interventions delivered in refugee camps meet the needs of high-risk infants/children, such as those born preterm, low birth weight, or with perinatal injury?
 What are the demographic, social and operational factors that are associated with incomplete childhood vaccination status in conflict-affected populations?
 Does the integration of group health and nutrition promotion with infant stimulation and play in a safe space within the community, lead to a better wellbeing of the mother and social and cognitive development of children OR does the provision of organised integrated and inclusive nurturing care for early childhood development through the health services during protracted emergencies promote GREATER health and development of children?
Adolescent health (Non SRH)
 What are the drivers of mental health disorders, substance use and risky behaviour amongst adolescents who have been forced to migrate?
 What social and mental health interventions are effective in reducing the negative consequences of forced child/early marriage of adolescents in humanitarian settings?
 What pathways need to be available for GBV survivors to access appropriate support in humanitarian settings?
 What nutritional interventions are effective in improving functional outcomes (cognitive, physical, etc.) in adolescents in humanitarian settings?
 What is the effectiveness of facilitated and/or peer-led groups on assessing and addressing the psychosocial needs for adolescents in humanitarian settings?
  1. SRH Sexual and reproductive health
  2. GBV Gender-based violence