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Table 1 Qualitative sample (n = 15) characteristics

From: Intimate partner violence against women on the Colombia Ecuador border: a mixed-methods analysis of the liminal migrant experience

Name Location Age Years in Ecuador Employment* Housing**
Maria Tulcán 30 6 Unemployed Rents
Sonia Tulcán 28 9 Informal labour Rents
Anita Tulcán 47 10 Unemployed Rents
Rosa Tulcán 25 12 Informal labour Rents
Isabel Tulcán 47 12 Unemployed Rents
Daniela Tulcán 30 12 Unemployed Rents
Alegria Tulcán 45 14 Informal labour Rents
Karla Tulcán 52 26 Informal labour Family owns
Renata Tulcán 42 30 Informal labour Rents
Emilia Tulcán 44 40 Unemployed Rents
Carolina Nueva Loja 40 3 Informal labour Rents
Esther Nueva Loja 40 9 Unemployed Lives with in-laws
Paula Nueva Loja 33 11 Unemployed Rents
Claudia Nueva Loja 31 11 Unemployed Family owns
Valeria Nueva Loja 40 20 Informal labour Family owns
  1. *Informal labour refers to laundry service, selling fruit, working in a bar, or cleaning houses
  2. **Where a house is family owned, the deeds to the houses were in the name of a husband or daughter