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Table 3 Barriers and facilitators in the provision of CAC

From: A qualitative study on health care providers’ experiences of providing comprehensive abortion care in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Category Barriers Facilitators
Organisation, collaboration and policies influencing the provision of CAC • Mexico City Policy
• FP policy
• Lack of space to provide services
• Lack of accessibility and availability of IUD and implant
• MR medication sold at local shops
• MR policy
• UNFPA’s leadership
• Good collaboration among different stakeholders
• Supportive work environment
• Availability of commodities and equipment
Influence of confidence, competence and pride on HCPs’ provision of CAC • Lack of knowledge on the abortion law
• Varying knowledge on the MR policy
• HCPs confidence
• Training of HCPs
• Provider–client communication
• HCPs taking pride in their work
Influence of HCPs’ understanding of Rohingya women’s needs on CAC provision • HCPs’ condescending attitudes and preconceived ideas
• HCPs’ strategies for increasing acceptance
• Requiring husbands’ permission
• HCPs’ strategies for increasing acceptance