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Table 2 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Addressing noncommunicable diseases among urban refugees in the Middle East and North Africa - a scoping review

Study characteristicsInclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
PopulationRefugees in urban settings.Populations other than urban refugees.
Intervention or policyAny NCD focused intervention implemented for refugees by a humanitarian actor or a host country health system. Any NCD relevant policy that applied to refugee populations.Publications/reports that did not describe an intervention or policy. Repetitive publications that presented the same intervention/policy.
SettingUrban/non-camp environments in the Middle East and North Africa.High income countries; outside the Middle East and North Africa. Refugee camp settings.
Study designAll study designs.Opinion pieces, commentaries, dissertations, news articles.
Publications (peer-reviewed)English language only.Languages other than English.