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Table 1 Study characteristics

From: Mobile clinics in humanitarian emergencies: a systematic review

StudyYearCountryFocusTarget populationEvaluation domain(s)OutcomeComparisonQuality
Al-Halaweh2019OPTNon-communicable diseasesAdults with Type II diabetes in SW Bank Palestine.Relevance/appropriateness, efficiency, and effectivenessGlycaemic controlYES (Facility)GOOD
Fils-Aime2018HaitiMental healthAll care-seeking adults and children. Clinic was operated out of Kas, mainly serving Lahoye and Tierra Muscady in the Central Plateau.Relevance/appropriateness, coverage, and effectivenessRetention, care-seeking, depression symptom severity, stigmaNOPOOR
Kohli2012DRCMultipleSurvivors of sexual and gender based violence in rural Walungu Territory, South Kivu.Relevance/appropriateness, coverage, and effectivenessRetention, access, patient satisfactionNOFAIR
Morikawa2011AfghanistanMultipleAll care-seeking adults and children in three provinces in northern Afghanistan.Coverage and effectivenessAccessYES (Facility)POOR
Phillips2017HaitiSexual and reproductive healthPregnant women from 10 communes in the Central Plateau.Efficiency and effectivenessQuality of care, patient knowledge, patient perception of qualityYES (Facility)GOOD