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Table 1 Fanta’s story

From: In the era of humanitarian crisis, young women continue to die in childbirth in Mali

Fanta arrives at Somine Dolo Hospital on January 30, 2018 at 2:00 am. She is 26 years old and pregnant for the fourth time with only one living child. She is brought by her parents by pirogue (15 km/h) for haemorrhage in the third trimester of pregnancy. She had stayed 14 h earlier in the community health centre of her locality in the north of the country in the Timbuktu region. This health centre is 200 km from the hospital in Mopti. We received her in a state of haemorrhagic shock due to a retroplacental hematoma. On admission the blood pressure and pulse are impregnable with cold extremities and conjunctival pallor. She has no donor, and there is no blood available in the laboratory compatible with her group. She died 15 min after admission in haemorrhagic shock without being transfused.