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Table 8 The problem of drug abuse/kwishora mu biyobyabwenge (Rwanda)

From: Exploring the mental health and psychosocial problems of Congolese refugees living in refugee settings in Rwanda and Uganda: a rapid qualitative study

Description of the problem Number of respondents
They involve themselves in violence and there are those who stab one another (Bakora urugomo harimo nabateranaga ibyuma) 2
Coming home drunk, quarrelling (agatongna) and you realized that the family is not tranquil ntumererwe neza) 2
He/she changes in his/her talking style, walking style, it means that he/she shows another face (agaragaza indi sura) 2
There used to be a time they left schools and you realized that they were no longer studying 1
Falling down while walking and talking obscene (atukana) and also fighting 1
He/she beats another person with no reason 1
He/she can drink and then go to ‘gare’ (meeting place at the center of the Gihembe camp) and strip naked. 1
He/she throws stones at a car yet he/she is not mad (umusazi) normally 1
A person may be under influence of drugs and then rape a minor 1
He/she is not afraid, is not obedient (ntiyubaha), and won’t be afraid of his/her leaders 1
It leads some to become bandits (abarara) 1
When the night falls it is not only the phone he/she can also snatch a handbag from you 1
Perceived causes of the problem Number of respondents
Joblessness 4
Poverty status 2
The youth that completed school and don’t have jobs 1
Thinking that they are refugees weighs on their minds (No gutekereza ko ari impunzi) 1
A home that is marred by disputes (amakimbirane) 1
People lost their parents thus are grieving (bagira intimba) and may have suicidal ideation, and then result into saying ‘let’s take it’ [drugs] 1
There people are not registered as refugees 1
There are those UNHCR takes (for resettlement) and others are left behind 1
Effects on those with the problem and those close to them Number of respondents
There is no safety (mutekano) [in the camp/quartier] because they cannot sleep since others are fighting 4
It causes insecurity in the camp. When a person has already taken drugs and there is no one to help him/her, you find that he/she can wound him/herself, commit suicide, there is an incomprehensible robbery and there is also imprisonment 2
Fighting at home and it can lead to killing one another 1
They [family members] don’t advise one another at home 1
The poverty status that was in the family keeps increasing 1
A person who takes them [drugs] if he/she was thinking about marriage, it (marriage) is already out of his/her mind 1
A person who has a family he can no longer take care of it 1
The consequences in the quartiers is to fight and cause insecurity 1
They don’t continue with studies nor complete school, they go into the forest 1
It destroys the whole family (Bisenya umuryango wose) 1
There is not enough money for children to eat enough so they become malnourished and then suffer from kwashiorkor [severe malnutrition] (Abana barya ntibahage bakagira imirire mibi bakarwara bwaki) 1
What do people currently do to address the problem Number of respondents
Counseling is provided (Hajyaho ubujyanama) 2
Camp management organized meetings and told them about their (drugs) consequences 1
Teachings from head of quartiers and chiefs of villages 1
The camp management team come and arrest those who sell them and punish them 1
It [actions to address the problem] is often done by the government of Rwanda and they also urge us to fight against them [drugs] 1
Projects that came and helped our boys and girls and take them to study at Gahogo those who had dropped out of schools 1
Inshuti z’ Umwali’ (Friends of young lady) they also came and helped girls and boys and gave them what to do instead of sitting idle 1
Security organ from the village (umudugudu) to the top is always at hand, when information is shared on time, we quickly intervene [to address problems] 1
What should be done about the problem if resources were available Number of respondents
Maybe if possible, all of them should find jobs 2
If security is back they would go back home (country of origin) 2
There is a good thing the government did of taking to a rehabilitation centre, but after 1 year they should not abandon them like this, they can find away to bring them together in vocations 2
To sit in the family and talk about it 3
People who are educated, especially the youth would find what to do (job) 1
They can be well educated and organize regular counseling sessions (Bakwigishwa cyane, guhozaho ibiganiro bya buri gihe) 1
Projects can help the youth and parents and give them support (Imishinga yafasha urubyiruko n’ ababyeyi bakabaha na support [Ubufasha/ inkunga]) 1
People who don’t have what to (job) should be given vocations 1
They can make the procedure of going to America easy 1