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Table 4 Problem of inequity/inequality /ubusumbane (Rwanda)

From: Exploring the mental health and psychosocial problems of Congolese refugees living in refugee settings in Rwanda and Uganda: a rapid qualitative study

Description of the problem Number of respondents
We have limited job opportunities because of having refugees status (papers) 3
Those who have a chance to find a job outside the camp, you realize that their salaries are not equal to those of nationals 3
When you finish secondary school you don’t have financial support to go to the University like Rwandans 2
Poverty status 2
We cannot get bank loans because we don’t have guarantee to give and also the fact that we are not Rwandans 2
In the sector of shelter within the camp, there is inequality (ubusumbane); they do not permit us to construct new house as we wish nor do repairs 2
There is gender inequity and gender inequality (ubusumbane bujyanye n’ igitsina). 1
As refugees are not respected (Gusuzugurwa kw’ impunzi) 1
Refugees who are teachers in schools outside the camp do not earn the same salaries as Rwandans. That causes teachers from the camp feel they are not like others, they feel less value and are ashamed (ipfunwe) like during the meeting. 1
You realize that some people have jobs while others don’t 1
You can tell from how different people are dressed 1
Here in the camp there are cases of people who mostly pay school fees for boys only while girls are left behind 1
Those in old age and those with disabilities are not supported by the government while nationals are supported by the government. 1
When you are (living) alone other families walk on top of you (i.e. look down on you: Iyo uri nyakamwe indi miryango ikugenda hejuru) 1
Rwandans have Mutuelle de Santé (Community-Based Health Insurance Scheme) but we don’t have it 1
There is inequality with regard to children born from unwanted pregnancies outside marriage or union of sorts; they are not cared for like other children born in accepted ways (married couples) 1
Perceived causes of the problem Number of respondents
What causes it, before anything else, it is because we are refugees 3
Some of the reasons given for refugees getting paid less is because there are things refugees get for free, like water, food, and shelter - they do not pay rent 1
Refugees don’t have enough rights with regard to employment 1
You find that some are been educated, while others are not 1
Effects on those with the problem and those close to them Number of respondents
Jealousy (amashyari) among people 2
Sadness / feeling upset (ufite akababaro) when you go out to look for a job and it is not offered to you because you are a refugee 1
To do a job when you are not happy and you do it feeling less valued and ashamed (biguteye ipfunwe) 1
Gives way to self-isolate and disown self (Kwigunga no kwiyanga bikaza) 1
To lose hope and potentially cause you psychological problems (kwitakariza ikizere byanagutera uburwayi bwo mu mutwe) 1
Experience PTSD-like symptoms (Guhura n’ ihungabana) 1
Poverty status 1
Feeling despair (Kwiheba) 1
Internal conflicts (umwiryane) 1
Substance abuse (Kujya mu biyobyabwenge) 1
Not respected (gusuzugurwa) because you are a refugee 1
Inability to provide for family 1
Disputes/discord (Amakimbirane) 1
Increased unemployment rates among refugee communities 1
Delinquency among youths 1
Girls turn to survival sex 1
What do people currently do to address the problem Number of respondents
At the camp level there is a program of resettling people to third countries 1
There are NGOs working in the camp that support those who are unemployed through giving them financial support in the form of business capital 1
There are NGOs working in the camp that support the youth, provide them with scholarship 1
For those working outside the camp, salaries have been increased 1
[An NGO] supports refugees and put them in therapy groups, for those people who experienced problems 1
NGOs through campaigns tries to sensitize people that boy and girl are equal 1
The government (of Rwanda) has permitted refugees to learn traffic laws and pass their driving test 1
What should be done about the problem if resources were available Number of respondents
Be paid the same salaries as Rwandans 3
Teachings meant to sensitize refugees about inequity (Inyigisho zo gukangurira impunzi kubijyanye n’ ubusumbane) 2
To give us same rights as Rwandans 2
The government of Rwanda can have mercy on us and give us access to health and education 1
Have the opportunity to get loans from the banks 1
Youths who completed secondary school be given a financial opportunities to go to university 1
Those in old age be given financial support on different occasions 1
Increase vocation training opportunities among the youth to prevent them from turning to substance use 1
Introduce a literacy school for adults so that they can learn how to read 1
To set up a library with enough books so that educated people continue to acquire various knowledge 1
Increasing the money we are given every month 1
Those of us who are yet to be resettled to a third country, they can also help us to go abroad because in the camp we feel like people living in isolation 1