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Table 3 Problem of discrimination/ubaguzi (Uganda)

From: Exploring the mental health and psychosocial problems of Congolese refugees living in refugee settings in Rwanda and Uganda: a rapid qualitative study

Description of the problem Number of respondents (n=
Some tribes don’t get into community leadership 6
Fights among different tribes 4
Linguistic discrimination among different tribes 4
Back-stabbing among different tribes 3
Labeling people who don’t speak Swahili as Rwandan 2
Different religious sects don’t visit people who belong to other sects 2
Parents educate the boy child over the girl child 1
Responding and talking in a cruel way to people of a different tribe 1
Different tribes harass and threaten each other 1
People live in fear of other tribes 1
Destroying gardens of people from other tribes 1
Perceived causes of the problem Number of respondents
People speaking different languages 5
Scheming within different tribes to fail or twart members of tribes other than one’s own (fitina katika makabila) 4
Lack of love for one another 2
Immigration and having different nationalities 2
Parents think the boy child is more important than the girl child 1
Having numerous religious sects 1
Problems related to tribalism (shida za ukabila) 1
Resettlement status some have and others do not 1
Land wrangles 1
Lack of trust within families 1
Harsh living conditions 1
People have different customs 1
Difference in years lived in the settlement 1
Illiteracy 1
Effects on those with the problem and those close to them Number of respondents
Fighting 6
Killing one another 4
May lead to tribal disputes 3
Hatred within villages (machuki) 3
There is no peace and freedom (hakuna amani na uhuru) 2
Imprisonment 2
Lack of co-operation (between community members) hinders development 2
Early pregnancies associated with difficulties at delivery and reduce chances to lead a good life 1
Poisoning (kulogana) 1
Leads to poverty status 1
Harassment (kunyanyaswa) 1
What do people currently do to address the problem Number of respondents
Sensitizing community about effects of discrimination 6
Advice giving 5
Teaching people to live in harmony and love one another 3
Reporting problems to NGOs 2
Separating tribes that are fighting 1
Imprisonment of perpetrators of discrimination 1
Reporting to the village chairperson 1
Having community dialogues about discrimination 1
Government putting announcements on the radios about its effects 1
What should be done about the problem if resources were available Number of respondents
Advising people to love one another 4
Establishing strict laws to fight discrimination 3
Sensitizing the communities about effects of discrimination 2
Games uniting people 2
All people should be taken abroad 1
Formation of community development groups 1
Joint business venture 1
Establishing more places where water can be got 1
Give them money to buy the food they need. 1
Government should pass rules against discrimination 1
Government should punish perpetrators 1