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Table 2 Problems reported by free list respondents

From: Exploring the mental health and psychosocial problems of Congolese refugees living in refugee settings in Rwanda and Uganda: a rapid qualitative study

Problem Number of respondents who mentioned the problem (N = 30)a
 Food shortage 16
 Shortage of medicine/no medicine 15
 Water scarcity 12
 Sickness/diseases 11
 No land/land shortage 11
 Little cash received 10
 No job 9
 No money for taking children to school 9
 Discrimination (ubaguzi) 8
 No help/assistance 7
 Hunger 5
 No intervention for torture and trauma victims (Hakuna msaada kwa watu ambao walinyanyaswa na kihihi) 4
 Poor health 3
 My husband mistreats me / domestic violence (bwana yangu ana nikamata ka mubaiya/ukatili wa nyumbani) 3
 Drunkardness/alcoholism (ulevi) 2
 Poverty 2
 Suffering (mateso) 2
 Delayed resettlement of refugees 2
 No sports ground 2
 Theft 2
 Lack of ambulance 2
 I am tired of digging 2
 Renting a house 2
 Education 15
 Unemployment 13
 Not having access to adequate health services 12
 Poverty status 11
 Briquettes (firewood) are not enough and are polluting 10
 The money we get is not enough 9
 Housing 9
 Food that is not enough 9
 The problem of unwanted pregnancies among girls (Ikibazo cy’inda z’indaro mu bakobwa) 7
 Aid is not enough 7
 The problem of official papers 5
 Misconduct among youth 5
 The problem of inequity/inequality (between refugees and Rwandan nationals) (ubusumbane) 4
 Malnutrition 4
 Illiteracy 3
 Gender-based violence (ihohoterwa rishingiye kugitsina) 3
 Drug abuse (kwishora mu biyobyabwenge) 3
 Trauma (Guhungabana) 2
 The problem of drunkenness (Ubusinzi) 2
 The problem due to the fact that some are taken abroad and others are left behind (i.e. some refugees are resettled abroad whilst others remain in the camp). 2
 Parents who misbehave 2
 Men who don’t take family responsibilities 2
 The problem related to entertainment 2
 People don’t have freedom (Ukuntu abantu batajya bagira ikintu cy’ubwisanzure) 2
 We don’t have electricity 2
 The problem related to neighbors who don’t get along sometimes (Ikibazo cyo kutabana neza n’abaturanyi rimwe na rimwe) 2
  1. aResponses mentioned by only one person have been removed