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Table 3 Content and delivery of health promotion and hygiene kit demonstrations at two Cholera Treatment Units (CTUs)

From: Distribution of hygiene kits during a cholera outbreak in Kasaï-Oriental, Democratic Republic of Congo: a process evaluation

Observation site Content of health promotion and hygiene kit demonstration Comments on the delivery of session, approach and activities
Hygiene kit component demonstrated Health promotion messages included Total components of a session
Jerrycan (20 l (L)) P&G Purifier of Water™ (flocculant disinfectant) Aquatabs™ (chlorine tablets) Soap (1 kg bar soap) Handwashing device (10-L bucket with tap) Cholera transmission (e.g. F-diagram) Encouraging care-seeking behaviour to HCFs Treatment at MSF facilities is free Increase water stored in the household (by using the jerrycan) Boil or treat drinking water Limit open defecation Practice safe corpse preparation Wash hands at key times (before eating, before food preparation, after toilet, after changing a baby’s nappy, after caring for the ill/contact with a cholera case)
Nsenga Nsenga CTU × × × × × × 6 Demonstrations were conducted with a picture board but were often didactic and attendees were not able to ask questions or demonstrate recall of the messages or demonstration
Nsenga Nsenga CTU × × × × × 8 CHWs instigated a question and answer game to check respondents understanding.
Lukalaba CTU × × × 10 Demonstration of the hygiene kit was conducted through a picture board; CHWs responded to questions and encouraged use of the kits by households as soon as possible
Lukalaba CTU × × 11 CHWs repeatedly explained that the kit is only given to those with cholera patients in the house; and that households should start using them immediately
Lukalaba CTU × × × × × 8 CHWs paused to take questions, ask the attendees to repeat the demonstrations and pauses to check any responses; CHWs emphasised the use of the kit by all household members.
Frequency among sessions 5 4 4 5 3 5 2 2 2 5 1 1 5
  1. CHWs Community Health Workers, CTU Cholera Treatment Unit, HCF Healthcare Facility, MSF Médecins Sand Frontières