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Table 7 Pilot projects and operational research mentioned by respondents in this study

From: Adapting acute malnutrition treatment protocols in emergency contexts: a qualitative study of national decision-making

Niger Nigeria Somalia South Sudan
• “Mother MUAC” in Ouallam (ALIMA, IRC)
• iCCM plus nutrition (ACF, World Vision)
• Combined/ simplified protocol in Diffa (MSF)
• Using expanded criteria in 5 LGAs in Borno State (UNICEF)
• Expanding admission criteria to 120 mm (MSF)
• Small facility-based TSFP pilot (WFP)
• Expanded Criteria in 5 districts (UNICEF + WFP)
• “Resiliency” project on putting TSFP, OTP in same location (UNICEF, WFP, MOH)
• Mother MUAC
• iCCM plus nutrition (ACF)
• Combined Protocol (IRC)
• Pea-based RUSF (WFP)
• Combined protocol (ACF, with support from IRC)
• iCCM plus nutrition among low-literate CHWs (IRC)