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Table 4 Rationales as perceived by interviewees for using combined/simplified protocols for management of acute malnutrition

From: Adapting acute malnutrition treatment protocols in emergency contexts: a qualitative study of national decision-making

  Niger Nigeria Somalia South Sudan
“Save lives” when the normal protocol is not possible +++ ++
Continue service in case of stock-outs + + ++
Treat MAM to prevent children from developing SAM +++ +++ ++ ++
Not enough capacity for WHZ, so MUAC and oedema-only is necessary + ++
Improve efficiency and/or cost-effectiveness of protocol + +
  1. +++ Mentioned by many/most respondents as a rationale
  2. ++ Mentioned by some respondents as a rationale
  3. + Rarely mentioned as a rationale
  4. - Not mentioned as a rationale