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Table 3 Original and adapted versions of a PM+ case example

From: No implementation without cultural adaptation: a process for culturally adapting low-intensity psychological interventions in humanitarian settings

Original version 37-year-old woman who witnessed her son killed in a motorbike accident 4 months ago. She is very anxious about the safety of her other children- she does not let them play outside anymore for fear they might be killed. She continues to grieve the loss of his son and finds it difficult to be around her other children because this makes her miss her son and she becomes very upset. When her children misbehave, she gets very angry with them and will tell them that the “good son” died. She feels irritable all the time and is now crying uncontrollably. She is embarrassed about this as it can happen when she is around her friends or at work.
Adapted version Angela is a 32-year-old woman who arrived from Venezuela 3 months ago to look for work. She left her two children in Venezuela with her mother because she was worried about bringing them without having a place to stay. She must send them food and other products and she also has to pay her rent, but she hasn’t found a job. She worries about her children and her mother having difficulties and sometimes she can’t sleep through the night. There have been a few days when she feels that her situation is so desperate that she does not want to leave the house.