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Table 3 Specialized post-sexual violence services for male survivors per study setting

From: A social ecological approach to understanding service utilization barriers among male survivors of sexual violence in three refugee settings: a qualitative exploratory study

  Bangladesh Italy Kenya
Cox’s Bazar Rome Sicily Nairobi Mombasa
Health care: clinical care for sexual violence survivors -Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) -Salute Migranti Forzati (SaMiFo)
-Medici Contro la Tortura (MCT)/MSF
-Medici per i Diritti Umani (MEDU)
-MEDU -Kenyatta National Hospital
-LVCT Health
-Nairobi Women’s Hospital
- National Council of Churches Kenya (NCCK) at Jumuia Huruma Hospital
-Nairobi Women’s Hospital (Mombasa branch)
Psychological care: mental health and psychosocial support -Action Against Hungera
-International Organization for Migrationa
-Technical Assistance Inc. (TAI)a
-Center for Transcultural Psychiatryb
-Centro Penc Associationb
-Center for Victims of Tortureb
-Health Options for Young Men on HIV/AIDS & STIs (HOYMAS)a
-Kenyatta National Hospitalb
-Kituo Cha Sheriaa
-LVCT Healtha
-Nairobi Women’s Hospitalb
-Refugee Consortium of Kenyaa
-Nairobi Women’s Hospital (Mombasa branch)b
Legal aid: to access justice in the refugee host country -Bangladesh National Women Lawyers Association
-Differenze Donna None identified. -Kituo Cha Sheria
-Refugee Consortium of Kenya
-Kituo Cha Sheria
Livelihood programs: to support economic wellbeing None identified. None identified. None identified. None available at the time of data collection. None identified.
  1. a These organizations provided psychosocial support, such as psychological first aid, counseling, and support groups
  2. b These organization provided comprehensive mental health care, including psychiatric care