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Table 1 List of Included Articles

From: A systematic literature review of the ethics of conducting research in the humanitarian setting

Title Author Year Ref. Country
Public health and humanitarian interventions: Developing the Evidence Base Banatvala et al. 2000 [41] United Kingdom
Ethics of research in refugee populations Leaning et al 2001 [71] United States
Ethical Codes in Humanitarian Emergencies: From Practice to Research? Black, R et al. 2003 [57] United Kingdom
The Dual Imperative in Refugee Research: Some Methodological and Ethical Considerations in Social Science Research on Forced Migration Jacobsen et al. 2003 [59] International
Are adaptive randomized trials or non-randomized studies the best way to address the Ebola outbreak in west Africa? Lanini et al. 2003 [51] International
Is it ethical to study what ought not to happen? Rennie 2006 [55] United States
Do aid agencies have an ethical duty to comply with researchers? A response to Rennie Zachariah et al. 2006 [63] International
The Ethical Challenges of Field Research in Conflict Zones Wood 2006 [62] United States
Fieldwork and social science research ethics Contractor et al. 2008 [58] India
Ethical Challenges in Conducting Research in Humanitarian Crisis Situations Mfutso-Bengo et al. 2008 [50] International
The control of foreigners as researchers in Thailand Ditton et al. 2009 [47] Australia
Real-time Responsiveness for Ethics Oversight During Disaster Research Eckenwiler, et al. 2009 [24] International
Ethics of Conducting Research in Conflict Settings Ford et al. 2009 [48] International
Ethical considerations of research in disaster-stricken populations Jesus et al. 2009 [64] United States
Health Research in Complex Emergencies: A Humanitarian Imperative Pringle et al. 2009 [60] Canada
Conducting research in the aftermath of disasters: ethical considerations O’Mathúna 2010 [23] Ireland
Reflections on Ethical and Practical Challenges of Conducting Research with Children in War Zones: Toward a Grounded Approach Wessells 2013 [61] United States
Conducting surveys in areas of armed conflict Mneimneh et al. 2014 [68] Unites States
Use of a bibliometric literature review to assess medical research capacity in post-conflict and developing countries: Somaliland 1991–2013 Boyce et al. 2015 [45] International
Ethics, emergencies and Ebola clinical trials: the role of governments and communities in offshored research Folayan et al. 2015 [30] International
Research ethics in the context of humanitarian emergencies O’Mathúna 2015 [27] Ireland
Innovations in Research Ethics Governance in Humanitarian Settings Schopper et al. 2015 [31] International
“Losing the tombola”: a case study describing the use of community consultation in designing the study protocol for a randomised controlled trial of a mental health intervention in two conflict-affected regions Shanks et al. 2015 [42] International
Ethics in Community-Based Research with Vulnerable Children: Perspectives from Rwanda Betancourt et al. 2016 [43] International
The Ebola clinical trials: a precedent for research ethics in disasters Calain 2016 [53] Switzerland
Managing Ethical Challenges to Mental Health Research in Post-Conflict Settings Chiumento et al. 2016 [21] United Kindom
Research as intervention? Exploring the health and well-being of children and youth facing global adversity through participatory visual methods D’Amico et al. 2016 [65] Canada
The Challenge of Timely, Responsive and Rigorous Ethics Review of Disaster Research: Views of Research Ethics Committee Members Hunt et al. 2016 [11] International
Emergency response in a global health crisis: epidemiology, ethics, and Ebola application Salerno et al. 2016 [52] International
Ethics review of studies during public health emergencies - the experience of the WHO ethics review committee during the Ebola virus disease epidemic Alirol 2017 [38] Switzerland
Ethical considerations for children’s participation in data collection activitie during humanitarian emergencies: A Delphi Review Bennouna et al. 2017 [67] United States
Reflections on the ethics of participatory visual methods to engage communities in global health research. Black, GF et al. 2017 [44] International
Challenges in preparing and implementing a clinical trial at field level in an Ebola emergency: A case study in Guinea, West Africa Carazo et al. 2017 [46] International
Ethical standards for mental health and psychosocial support research in emergencies: review of literature and current debates Chiumento et al. 2017 [22] United States
Research in disaster settings: a systematic qualitative review of ethical guidelines. Mezinska et al. 2017 [35] International
Conducting Science in Disasters: Recommendations from the NIEHS Working Group for Special IRB Considerations in the Review of Disaster Related Research. Packenham et al. 2017 [26] United States
A Systematic Review of Ebola Treatment Trials to Assess the Extent to Which They Adhere to Ethical Guidelines Richardson 2017 [36] United Kingdom
Research Ethics Governance in Times of Ebola Schopper et al. 2017 [29] International
Familiar ethical issues amplified: how members of research ethics committees describe ethical distinctions between disaster and non-disaster research Tansey et al 2017 [33] Canada
Research ethics and evidence for humanitarian health O’Mathúna et al 2017 [28] International
Research in epidemic and emergency situations: A model for collaboration and expediting ethics review in two Caribbean countries Aarons 2018 [39] Trinidad and Tobago
Addressing the challenge for expedient ethical review of research in disasters and disease outbreaks Aarons et al. 2018 [66] Trinidad and Tobago
Ethical Challenges Among Humanitarian Organisations: Insights from the Response to the Syrian Conflict Funk et al. 2018 [49] United States
Research Ethics Committees (RECs) and epidemic response in low and middle income countries Bain et al. 2018 [40] International
Ethical Issues in Conducting Research With Children and Families Affected by Disasters Ferreira et al. 2018 [70] International
Social value, clinical equipoise, and research in a public health emergency London et al. 2018 [56] United States
Individual and public interests in clinical research during epidemics: a reply to Calain: In response to: Calain P. The Ebola clinical trials: a precedent for research ethics in disasters Rid 2018 [54] United Kingdom
Health-emergency disaster risk management and research ethics Chan et al. 2019 [34] International
Ethical Challenges in Humanitarian Health in Situations of Extreme Violence Collaborative 2019 [69] United States
The ethical contours of research in crisis settings: five practical considerations for academic institutional review boards and researchers Falb et al 2019 [25] United States
Mention of ethical review and informed consent in the reports of research undertaken during the armed conflict in Darfur (2004–2012): a systematic review Hussein et al. 2019 [37] International
Ethics preparedness: facilitating ethics review during outbreaks- recommendations from an expert panel Saxena et al 2019 [32] International