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Table 1 General information and overall mortality in the pediatric ward and ITFC of Masisi GRH. Categorical variables are presented as n (%) and their p-values were calculated by χ2

From: Improving pediatric TB diagnosis in North Kivu (DR Congo), focusing on a clinical algorithm including targeted Xpert MTB/RIF on gastric aspirates

Column12nd semester 20162nd semester 2017p-value
Total exits14212308N/A
Overall inpatient pediatric mortality
(% of all children discharged from both wards)
60 (4%)59 (3%)0.005
Mortality ITFC
(% of children discharged from ITFC)
43 (8%)46 (6%)0.21
Mortality pediatric ward
(% of children discharged from pediatric ward)
17 (2%)13 (1%)0.02