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Table 1 Sample size by data collection method

From: Child marriage practices among the Rohingya in Bangladesh

In-Depth InterviewsFocus Group Discussions
 RohingyaProgram managers and service providersCommunity leadersRohingya womenHost community members
Sample (n)48244 groups of 10–12 in each group2 groups of 10–12 in each group6 groups of 10–12 in each group
PopulationMales and females, unmarried and marriedNGOs, INGOs, UN, DGHS, doctors, paramedics and frontline workersMahjeesa and ImamsAdult femalesMale and female young adults
  1. aMahjees are community leaders or representatives of the Rohingya people. They are appointed by Bangladesh authorities for maintaining control and order inside the camps and work as the focal person for camp management activities including aid distribution and communicating messages from Bangladesh authorities