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Table 3 Population-based survey data intervention coverage estimates, 2010–2015

From: Maternal and child health service delivery in conflict-affected settings: a case study example from Upper Nile and Unity states, South Sudan

Antenatal care: at least 1 visit
 South Sudan40.3%44.6%69.0%
 Upper Nile37.8%63.1%
Antenatal care: at least 4 visits
 South Sudan17.3%20.0%22.6%
 Upper Nile19.8%17.4%22.4%
Institutional delivery
 South Sudan11.5%16.2%27.2%
 Upper Nile8.1%16.7%13.7%
DPT3 vaccine
 South Sudan15.1%19.5%46.0%33.8%
 Upper Nile14.9%22.5%24.6%
Measles vaccine
 South Sudan26.3%38.0%46.0%48.9%
 Upper Nile32.8%42.4%45.6%
  1. a MICS 2010
  2. b LQAS 2011
  3. c EPI 2012
  4. d LQAS 2015