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Table 1 Participant characteristics for qualitative data, June – September 2018

From: Maternal and child health service delivery in conflict-affected settings: a case study example from Upper Nile and Unity states, South Sudan

VariableFocus groups
(N = 9)
In-depth interviews
(N = 26)
Sample size
 Number of participants58 26 
 Juba, Central Equatoria0(0.0)7(26.9)
 Malakal, Upper Nile33(56.7)9(34.6)
 Bentiu, Unity25(43.1)10(38.4)
Type of staff
 Community health worker34(58.6)0(0.0)
 Facility health worker24(41.4)0(0.0)
 Technical lead0(0.0)23(88.5)
 Government official0(0.0)3(11.5)
Mean age, years34.6 ± 8.6 
Education completed
 Secondary or higher34(58.6)  
Mean time employed by agency, years2.2 ± 1.9