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Table 5 Proportion of RMNCAH+ N services availability in health facilities in North and South Kivu, in 2018. Selection of indicators extracted from the 2017–2018 Service Provision Assessment [23]

From: Health services for women, children and adolescents in conflict affected settings: experience from North and South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo

Service providedNorth KivuSouth KivuDRC
Number of assessed health facilitiesN = 94N = 62N = 1380
Facility type
Hospitals (referral or tertiary)a324535
Referral health centersa23216
Hospital centers/clinicsa221810
Health centers223539
Child growth monitoring service907689
Routine vitamin A supplementation837768
Child immunizationb858690
Oral polio vaccine996086
Measles vaccine8610090
All basic child vaccines792170
Integrated management of childhood illnesses100100100
Modern methods of family planning688768
Reversible FP method3728769
Male or female sterilization223317
Any FP method, including periodic abstinence728769
HF offering ANC959096
1–2 times/week228754
3–4 times/week101
≥ 5 times/week69026
Tetanus vaccine during ANC visit819075
Including all components of PMTC443928
Caesarean section301826
Voluntary screening of sexually transmitted infections777756
Emergency transport service176419
  1. Notes: aSecondary level health facilities officially permitted to offer CS services (78% in North Kivu, 65% in South Kivu and 61% nationwide); bRoutine provision of DPT/Pentavalent/Polio/Measles vaccines; 3 Following are defined as reversible family planning (FP) methods: oral contraceptive (combined pills or progestin-only pills), injectables (combined or progestin only), implants, intrauterine devices, male condoms, female condoms, Fertility awareness methods or abstinence. 4 PMTCT: Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission
  2. The data presented are %. Values in bold are higher than or equal to national average
  3. Source: [23]