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Table 2 Inclusion/ Exclusion Criteria

From: Accountability strategies for sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights in humanitarian settings: a scoping review

Criteria Inclusion Exclusion
Article Type Peer- reviewed studies, book chapters, book, reports
Grey literature in PDF
Location Humanitarian crises (armed conflict, famine, and natural disaster) in a low or middle income country, as defined by the World Bank Middle income countries with disease outbreak only (e.g.- Zika in Brazil)
Date January 2009–March 2019 Anything before 2009
Language English and French for articles, English only for grey literature Any other language
Population of interest Populations affected by humanitarian crises (refugee, internally displaced, host country population)  
Key themes Accountability: as described by Davis, 2007
SRH, as defined by WHO in 2004 [21]
Focus on disease outbreaks that impact SRH with no relation to humanitarian settings; no mention of accountability or closely related themes (e.g. transparency or governance)