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Table 5 Synthesis of barriers to access RMNCAH services reported in the studies

From: Health policy mapping and system gaps impeding the implementation of reproductive, maternal, neonatal, child, and adolescent health programs in South Sudan: a scoping review

Barriers to access MNCH healthcare services Reproductive health services (family planning) Maternal Health services (ANC, facility-based deliveries, post-natal care) Newborn & children health care services
Geographic (distance, transport, roads)   +++  
Financial   +++  
Gender norms +++ ++  
Insecurity   +++  
Social-cultural norms   ++  
Lack of knowledge of maternal dangers signs, newborn and children ‘s diseases   ++ +
Perception of needs & benefits of using MNCH services   + +
Perception of the health system (quality of care)   +++  
  1. +reported in one study, ++ reported in two studies, +++ reported in more than two studies