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Table 3 Selected RMNCH coverage indicators

From: Health policy mapping and system gaps impeding the implementation of reproductive, maternal, neonatal, child, and adolescent health programs in South Sudan: a scoping review

IndicatorsValueSource of informationYear of estimate
Contraceptive prevalence rate3%UNFPA2015
Unmet need for contraception24%UNFPA2015
Proportion of mother receiving at least 4 ANC17%WHO 
DPT3 coverage (12-24 months of age) before 12 months45.1%South Sudan coverage Survey2012
Measles coverage (12-24 months of age)45%South Sudan coverage Survey2012
Proportion of children who slept under an ITN in the previous night25%UNICEF2015
Proportion of infants under 6 months exclusively breastfed45%UNICEF2015
Proportion of HIV+ mothers who received ART prophylaxis18%HIV/AIDS Commission Report2014