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Table 1 Description of policy documents included

From: Health policy mapping and system gaps impeding the implementation of reproductive, maternal, neonatal, child, and adolescent health programs in South Sudan: a scoping review

Number Title Year of publication Type of documents RMNCAH areas Health system’s building blocks
1 Basic package of health and nutrition services in primary health care 2011 Implementation guideline Integrated NA
2 The Family Planning policy 2013 Health policy Family Planning All
3 The National Health Policy (2016-2025) 2016 Health policy Integrated NA
4 The National health strategic plan (2016-2020) 2016 Health strategic plan Integrated All
5 South Sudan adolescence sexual and reproductive health strategic plan 2018 Health Strategic plan Adolescent’s Sexual & reproductive health All
6 The Community health system in South Sudan: The Boma Initiative 2016 Implementation guideline Integrated NA
  The National 2018 Health policy Integrated All
7 Reproductive health strategy (2018-2022)     
8 Health Strategic Plan 2017 Health strategic plan Integrated All
9 South Sudan National Emergency Obstetric and newborn care needs assessment 2014 Nationwide health assessment Maternal Newborn All
10 Rapid facility survey 2013 Nationwide health assessment NA NA
11 Rapid assessment of the status of RMNACH and nutrition services in South Sudan 2014 Report Integrated All
12 Health situation analysis for the national health policy update 2014 Report Integrated All
13 Every newborn action plan 2018 Health strategic plan Newborn All
14 Midwifery training policy 2018 Implementation guideline Maternal and newborn Human Resources
15 Maternal infant and young child nutrition (2017-2025) strategy 2017 Health strategic plan Pregnant women, newborn and children NA
16 Maternal infant and young child nutrition (2017-2025) guidelines 2017 Implementation guideline Pregnant women, newborn and children NA