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Table 2 Key actors in the Mosul trauma pathway for civilians

From: Applying trauma systems concepts to humanitarian battlefield care: a qualitative analysis of the Mosul trauma pathway

NGONYC MedicsTSP provider, Coordination
Academy of Emergency Medicine/Global Response ManagementTSP provider
CadusTSP provider
Samaritan’s PurseField hospital
MSF-OCBField hospital, Rehabilitation hospital
MSF-OCGReferral hospital
MSF-OCPReferral hospital
Handicap InternationalPost-operative care and rehabilitation
UN agencyWHOCoordination
UN OCHA CivMilCoordination
IOMField Hospital
UNFPAObstetrics units at Aspen field hospitals
CivilianEmergency Hospital, ErbilReferral hospital
West Emergency Hospital, ErbilReferral hospital
Al-Shaikan Hospital, DuhokReferral hospital
Ninewah Department of HealthTSP
Other humanitarian organizationInternational Committee for Red CrossMobile surgical unit, staffing and rehabilitation at referral hospitals
Qatari Red CrescentField hospital (with IOM)
Private companyAspenField hospitals
MilitaryIraqi militaryTransportation, TSPs
U.S.-led coalitionMultiple
  1. Note: This list focuses on organizational roles in the Mosul trauma pathway and does not capture other health-related activities that organizations may have been performing, or trauma services provided by other actors. OCB Operational Center Beligum; OCP Operational Center Paris; OCG Operational Center Geneva.