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Table 3 Deaths and Injuries since July 2017

From: Household recovery in Mosul one year after the defeat of ISIS

Death and InjuryEast MosulWest MosulAll MosulTotals
Deaths since July 20172321141418
Deaths from intentional violence1100112
Deaths from injury1000101
Deaths from disease1121131215
Causes of death from disease
 Respiratory disease1020303
 Cardiovascular disease0004044
 All Injuries since July 20171545420828
 Non-intentional violence injuries1545120525
Treatment at the time of Non intentional injury
 Home treatment3100314
 Treated in surgery or clinic (outpatient)60248412
 Admitted to hospital (inpatient)6030909
 No treatment0000000
All Injuries
 Intentional violence0003033
 Mean age at time of injury (yrs.)39.55826.661.836.359.9 
Current status of injured
 Alive, functioning normally1243015419
 Alive, with reduced function2003235
 Still under treatment102`1314