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Table 4 Adapted Version of the Inter-Agency Field Manual Checklist for Adolescent Friendly Services [37, 38]

From: A forgotten group during humanitarian crises: a systematic review of sexual and reproductive health interventions for young people including adolescents in humanitarian settings

Adolescent-Friendly Checklist

Health Facility

• Convenient hours

• Convenient location

• Adequate space and sufficient privacy

• Comfortable surroundings


• Respect for adolescents

• Non-judgmental attitude

• Privacy and confidentiality honoured

• Peer counselling available

• Same-sex providers when possible

• Strict confidentiality maintained

• Staff trained in youth-friendly health service characteristics


• Adolescent involvement

• Boys and young men welcome

• Necessary referrals available

• Affordable fees

• Drop-in clients welcome

• Publicity and recruitment that informs and reassures adolescents