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Table 2 Odds ratios of covariates on the risk of monthly mortality estimated from 48,430 patient months at risk from 1628 HIV-positive patients enrolled in the Zemio HIV cohort, Central African Republic from October 2011–May 2017

From: What drives mortality among HIV patients in a conflict setting? A prospective cohort study in the Central African Republic

Covariate (range of values)ClassificationMedian odds ratio95% Credible Interval
Patient Sex (male or female; female is baseline)Binary1.701.20, 2.33
Age at entry (0–71 years)Continuous integer1.011.00, 1.03
Clinical Staging of OIs (stage 1–4)Continuous integer2.522.01, 3.23
Civilian deaths and injuries per month (0–153)Continuous integer1.000.99, 1.01
Civilian abductions per month (0–119)Continuous integer1.000.99, 1.00