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Table 1 Examples of Interview and FGD Questions

From: Ecologies of care: mental health and psychosocial support for war-affected youth in the U.S.

  Adolescent FGDs Adult Caregiver Interviews Adult Professional Interviews
1 How do students in this school make new friends? What are some places where you can meet new friends? What are some things that would make people not become friends? How do friends support one another? What was your experience of arriving to the U.S. like? Please describe some of the ways you first felt. What kinds of support did your family receive from thegovernment or other organizations when you first arrived? What are some additional kinds of support that you receive from yourcommunity? What would you say it is like for a refugee student of Arab background to attend school in this district? How do you think their experiences in the school compareto those of other students?
2 Who are some of the adults in theschool that you would go to if youwanted to speak about your future? What would you do if you were worried that you had a health issue? For instance, if you felt too tired or if you felt sad? Is there someone in the school you would speak with? People have different views on mental health. What does mental health mean to you? Is mental health something that you speak about sometimes in your family? What has your experience been working with the families of refugee youth from Arab backgrounds?
3 What does it mean for a school to support a student? What do schools do to make students feel safe? What do schools do to make students feel like they belong? How would you describe your relationship with his/her school? For example, do you attend meetings at the school? Are you in touch with any teachers or counselors? What has contributed to this relationship being the way it is? What has been the role of the school administration/service team/organization in supporting refugee students from Arab backgrounds to integrate into their new communities? How would you say these strategies are working? What would you change about these current strategies and why?