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Table 9 Acute malnutrition amongst children 6 to 59 months and under 2 years; MSF Walikale project, 2017

From: Mortality and health survey, Walikale, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2017: an example of the use of survey data for humanitarian program planning

Level of malnutritionAllChildren under 2 years
n%95% CIn%95% CI
Global acute malnutrition (MUAC < 125 mm or oedema)232.51.6—3.993.81.9—7.5
Moderate acute malnutrition (MUAC 115 mm–124 mm)1921.2—3.4731.3—6.6
Severe acute malnutrition (MUAC < 115 mm or oedema)40.40.2——3.5