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Table 1 Characteristics of key informants interviewed to understand the policy-development process

From: The governmental health policy-development process for Syrian refugees: an embedded qualitative case studies in Lebanon and Ontario


% (n)

Key informant position

Organizational affiliations

Organizational types

Health Response Strategy

78% (n = 14)

Senior decision-maker (n = 13)

Policy advisor (n = 1)

Ministry of Public Health

United Nations

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund

World Health Organization

Government agency (n = 8)

International agencies (n = 6)

Phase 2 Ontario Health System Action Plan: Syrian Refugees

22% (n = 4)

Healthcare provider (n = 2)

Senior decision-maker (n = 2)

Canadian Centre for Refugee & Immigrant HealthCare

Canadian Red Cross

Crossroads Clinic for Refugees

Healthcare provider (n = 2)

NGO (n = 2)