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Table 4 Rating results of handwashing motivators

From: Programmatic implications for promotion of handwashing behavior in an internally displaced persons camp in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo

RankingMotivator in EnglishMean Score*
1Protect children from illness1.17
2Rid the body of germs1.39
3Avoid illness1.44
5Fear of illness1.56
5Get rid of bad odor1.56
7Good health1.61
8Good example1.72
9Avoid contaminating others1.78
11Feel good1.83
11Smooth, soft1.83
14Avoid embarrassment1.94
15Attract other people2.00
15Gives self-assurance, confidence2.00
15Wash the body2.00
20Social pressure2.50
  1. *The mean scores were generated on Anthropac using 1 for the best motivators, 2 for moderately good motivators, and 3 for least effective motivators